Q&A with Mark Elworth Jr for US Congress, Nebraska D3

Mark Elworth Jr

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Photo of Mark Elworth Jr, Candidate for US Congress Nebraska D3(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

Name: Mark Elworth Jr

Running for: US Congress, Nebraska District 3

Party: Legal Marijuana NOW

Age: 8/6/1976

Occupation: Retail Broker

Home: Omaha, NE, but I have a small RV and travel around the state and Midwest.

Public offices held: I have been the State Chairperson of the Legal Marijuana NOW Party of Nebraska since LMN gained ballot access on April 21, 2021.

Family: Never Married, 1 child

Website: None

Q. Why do you believe voters in the 3rd District should pick you when they cast their ballot this fall?

Voters should pick me because I support women's right to choose, gay marriage and LGBTQ+ rights, equal rights for all ethnicities and beliefs, strengthening public education, and protecting people and our environment. I believe love is greater than hate. Government should work for the best interests of the people and not political donors. I have a strong desire to serve the people. Neither do I accept political donations nor do I align myself with a polarized political party. I want what is best for our state, country, and the people.

Q. What congressional action would you propose to combat inflation ?

We should roll with inflation and not combat it. Abruptly stopping inflation could result in stagnation or maybe even crash the economy, housing market, and stock market. The country needs to continually adjust to change.

Q. Would you support congressional action to regulate abortion and if so, with what limits and exceptions?

No, I would not limit access to abortion. I believe in women's right to choose.

Q. Do you support or oppose President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan? Why or why not ?

I support student loan forgiveness because helping people in tough times is a good thing to do. Debt forgiveness helps lots of people and their families move on and get ahead.

Q. Climate change is forecast to become a significant drag on the national and global economy. What congressional funding and policies would you support to combat climate change ?

Climate change is a real issue. I will take any issue about climate change seriously. I support building a sustainable economy and necessary infrastructure.

Q. Many Nebraska businesses have struggled to find qualified workers. What can Congress do to help businesses here find skilled workers?

The Federal Government needs to invest in K-12 and post-secondary education - students and teachers alike. Young people need educational options that fulfil the needs of our workforce. Teachers deserve greater respect, too, and if the profession is treated more seriously, more skilled teachers would be attracted to the career choice.

Q. When talking with constituents, what is the No. 1 issue/concern you hear, and what do you propose to do about that issue?

People I talk to think that law enforcement is not protecting or serving the public. They are over-policing minorities and young people, causing unequal hardships across communities. People are worried that the Nebraska police are on a power trip and do not respect the rights of individuals. The police have demonstrated they use violence and the people, in turn, are scared of their presence. The police should be helping people, not looking for ways to criminalize them. The police should be solving crimes, not creating them. My solution is to refocus the police so we can defund and disarm them.

Campaign Sign, Mark Elworth Jr for US Congress(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

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