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The Skateparks of Morgan County, Colorado: Fort Morgan (Part 2 of 4)

Mark Elworth Jr

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Fort Morgan Skatepark at Brenda Joy Park(Photo Credit: Evergreen Skateparks)

Fort Morgan's skate park at Brenda Joy Park is the second skatepark I'm writing about in a four-part series on the skateparks of Morgan County, Colorado. It's free to use as are all the skateparks in Morgan County.
Full View of the Fort Morgan Skatepark)(Photo Credit: Evergreen Skateparks)

The skatepark is located on the corner of Comanche and Cheyenne Streets in Fort Morgan, Colorado.
There are three pool-like areas built at the park(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

This amazing park was built by Evergreen Skateparks of Portland, Oregon.
View of one of the pool areas(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

Evergreen Skateparks strives to create parks that are fun for both beginners and experts, while also being pleasing to the eye. We think they got it right at this park.
Grind this, I dare you(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

There are so many curves and three pools in the main part of the skatepark.
If you jump out the pool you can land on this rail(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

There are lots of rails and a couple half pipes built into the park.
There's all kinds of ramps and places to grind and slide on(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

This park is so smooth, it was just opened in late 2017 to replace an old aging skatepark.
No way, yes way(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

This park is vastly under-used, as are all the other skateparks in Morgan County.
View from the back of the park(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

You can come skate at Brenda Joy Park and not worry about bumping into other skaters.
A smaller halfpipe to rip up(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

Morgan County is truly dedicated to building some top-notch skateparks.
Don't do it! No, do do it(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

I'm already addicted and want to skate this park some more.
Grinding the pool rail(Photo Credit: Evergreen Skateparks)

Pads and helmets are recommended, but not required.
Smaller tricks are at the entrance(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

Brenda Joy Park has small and large tricks areas to skate.
Ollie and grind that(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

There is also a smaller section with smaller obstacles.
The other section of the skatepark(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

The park has a couple fun boxes, a double sided ramp, and a well-skated curb in the second section of the park.
Ramp and other items to do tricks on(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

There truly is something for everyone here to skate.
Fun Box(Photo Credit: Mark Elworth Jr)

There are even working bathrooms at the public skatepark, so you can skate all day.

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