Legal Marijuana NOW Nebraska 4/20 Rally in Kearney 2022

Mark Elworth Jr

This story is sponsored by the Legal Marijuana NOW Party of Nebraska.
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The Details:

When: Wednesday, April 20, 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Where: On the sidewalk in front of Walgreens, 2516 2nd Ave, Kearney, NE 68847

  • Free raffle for t-shirts and prizes at 5:45 pm
  • Event is free to everyone & kid friendly
  • Current and past Legal Marijuana NOW Party candidates will be in attendance

**DO NOT park in the Walgreens parking lot**
The 9th Annual Legal Marijuana NOW Party 420 Rally is in Kearney, NE this year

The Legal Marijuana NOW Party of Nebraska has been holding an annual 4/20 Rally since 2014 in the state of Nebraska.
Original Art from 2015 Campaign

But 4:20 celebrations and 4/20 rallies have been going on much longer!
Activist holding a catchy sign

Folklore of 420 starts way back in 1971 when students at a California High School would meet up at 4:20 at a certain location to smoke marijuana together.

So 4:20 actually started as a time and can be celebrated twice a day.
People can celebrate 4:20 quite often if this meme is true

Eventually 4/20 became an entire day-long celebration.

Rallies to celebrate 4/20 started to pop up and were hosted by activists who wanted to change antiquated marijuana laws.
2022 LMN Candidates, Larry Bolinger for AG, Mark Elworth Jr for Congress, Leroy Lopez for Auditor

The rallies can be small, but others have grown to tens of thousands of attendees.
A big 4/20 Rally where attendees push around an inflatable joint

The Legal Marjiuana NOW Party expects a decent crowd of 20-50 people to attend the Kearney, Nebraska 4/20 rally this year.

Attendees can hold a yard sign - "Vote Marijuana" or "Cannabis is Safer" - for oncoming rush-hour traffic to see, plus take one home for free to display in their windows!
First Ever LMN Party Primary will be help in Nebraska on may 10th

This year's 4/20 Rally is to celebrate the success of the Legal Marijuana NOW Party obtaining ballot access. The LMN Party is now on the Nebraska ballot and the first primary is May 10.
Activists holding up a LMN banner in Minnesota
2022 LMN Campaign slogan

The best way to vote in the Nebraska primary is to make sure you're registered with the LMN Party.

You can register online in Nebraska at
Your vote is your voice

LMN also wants the State of Nebraska and its farmers to increase hemp production and manufacturing. Nebraska has hardly any manufacturers that make hemp products to sell to consumers.

In addition to the Federal Farm Act, Nebraska passed laws legalizing the production and manufacturing of goods with hemp. It's time our state ramps up production and manufacturing of this staple crop.
Diagram of hemp pulling metals and other toxins from the soil and water table

Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop that needs no pesticides or chemicals to grow well. Hemp actually extracts dangerous toxins from the soils!

Hemp cover is dense and conserves water by creating its own mini ecosystem that is similar to a rainforest. The canopy keeps moisture in the soil instead of allowing evaporation to occur.
Hempcrete is one of many eco-friendly products made from hemp.

Hemp fiber can be used to create many useful products from paper to biodegradable plastic bottles.

Hemp can make our lives better while being sustainable and friendly to our Earth.
Chart that includes the countless uses for hemp

Find details about the 4/20 Rally on Facebook at

Visit the LMN Nebraska website at
2022 Flyer

Stay tuned for a follow-up article on the Kearney 4/20 Rally hosted by the Legal Marijuana NOW Party of Nebraska.

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My name is Mark Elworth Jr. I'm a long time marijuana legalization activist. I'm from Nebraska and chairperson of the Legal Marijuana NOW Party of Nebraska.

Omaha, NE

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