Third Parties in Nebraska Show Strength in 2022 Statewide Races

Mark Elworth Jr

In Nebraska this year, five statewide races for Executive Branch offices are on the ballot.

A total of five Third-party candidates from the Libertarian and Legal Marijuana NOW Parties, respectively, have filed to run for four of these offices. The Nebraska Democrat Party is running only one candidate across all of these statewide races, further improving the chances of a Third-party candidate win.
Graphic by Mark Elworth Jr

Based on the statewide candidate list, let's start with the Big One - The Governor's Race.

This ballot is chocked full of Republican candidates from across the conservative spectrum and a lone wolf Democrat. Plenty of information exists out there about all these Big Party candidates, but what about the Libertarian Party (LP) candidate, Scott Zimmerman?

Zimmerman made his first appearance on the 2014 Nebraska LP ticket for Lieutenant Governor and was formally the Libertarian's Nebraska State Chairperson.

Zimmerman states he's running for Governor this time around because he believes "the two-party system has failed us tremendously!" He continues, "It's time to break free from the duopoly and give the voters an option beyond the political rhetoric."

Zimmerman wants to make Nebraska's economy the strongest in the nation by promoting economic freedom in our state. He is a strong proponent for civil liberties. For more information about Scott's LP candidacy, go to his website at
Scott Zimmerman for Governor, Libertarian candidate

The second statewide race is for Secretary of State. No Third-party, non-partisan, or Democrat candidates are on this ballot. The winner will be chosen in the Republican Primary Election.

In the Treasurer's Race is Incumbent John Murante running against Dr. Katrina Tomsen, LP candidate. Dr. Tomsen has been contacted for more information including a photo.

Next on the statewide candidate list is the State Attorney General's Race, an open ballot with no incumbents. The Legal Marijuana NOW Party (LMN) is running veteran candidate Larry Bolinger.

Bolinger is well known for focusing on Law Reform, and in recent years, his run for US House of Representatives, District 3. Further, he is running against a relatively unknown Republican, which improves his chances for a Third-party candidate win.

For more information about Larry's LMN candidacy, go to his website at
Larry Bolinger for Attorney General, Legal Marijuana NOW candidate

The last of the five statewide races is a good one - State Auditor's Race. Both LMN and LP candidates are lining up to run against former State Auditor, current Lieutenant Governor, and Life-Time Politician Mike Foley.

Newcomer to both the ballot and the Legal Marjiuana NOW Party Leroy Lopez wants to give tax relief to Nebraskans by bringing light to the corruption going on in our government.

Lopez is also a strong supporter of term limits because he says, "The longer people become entrenched in appointed and elected public office, the [more] vulnerability of corruption".

Lopez has a strong ethic of serving The People and their needs. He believes that the two-party system isn't working. He wants to speak the truth to hard-working American voters of what is actually going on - not put up a façade or hide behind money and a political system built for donors.
Leroy Lopez for State Auditor, Legal Marijuana NOW candidate

The Libertarian Party candidate Gene Siadek, is a libertarian activist who ran for US Senate in the 2020 cycle and is the former Chairperson and Treasurer of the Nebraska Libertarian Party.
Gene Siadek for State Auditor, Libertarian candidate

Want to still run? Non-partisan candidates can still claim ballot access if they collect 4000 signatures by petition before the August 1st, 2022 deadline.

Go to the Nebraska Secretary of State's candidate list for a full report of candidates running in the 2022 Nebraska Elections at

Edited by Krystal Gabel.

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