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Tree Service Experts Plano is Working with Texas Tree Foundation to Increase Tree Cover from 16.4% to Over 20%

Marjorie Thibodeaux

Plano, Texas – According to the most recent urban canopy cover assessment, the city of Plano has 1,690,000 trees. While this number is impressive, the trees only cover 16.4% of the city’s land area. This suggests that the city of Plano has numerous sites that do not have abundant tree cover.

Tree Service Experts Plano, a tree care company in the city, has been working with the Texas Tree Foundation to increase the city’s urban forest by at least 3.6%. The company hopes to help the city’s urban forest reach 20%, which is half of the urban forest cover recommended by the American Forests.

Tree Service Experts Plano plans to start its project by donating trees to homeowners with no trees on their landscapes.

“While most homeowners may want to increase the number of trees in their homes,” said the Tree Service Experts Plano CEO, “Very few of these homeowners fulfill their dream. This has to do with the fact that planting trees can be expensive to buy and plant. To make tree planting much more affordable for these homeowners, we plan to give up to 5 free trees to private properties that are underserved by trees.”

Tree Service Experts Plano notes that its team of professionals will help the homeowners plant the trees correctly. The company hopes to keep the donated trees from going to waste by ensuring they are properly spaced and properly watered after tree planting.

“When it comes to putting trees in our parks, streets, and medians,” said the Tree Service Experts Plano CEO, “Our team will work with the team from Texas Tree Foundation. We will also rely on getting help from the city’s Urban Forestry Division.”

The CEO noted that the Forestry Division already has an Urban Forest Master Plan whose goal is to address the longevity of the city’s trees. The plan provides direction and vision for managing public trees and also working towards increasing the tree canopy in the city over the next 2.5 decades.

“By leveraging the city’s Master Plan for the urban forest,” said the Tree Service Experts Plano CEO, “Our team should be able to get maximum support from the government when working to increase the urban forest to over 20%.”

Tree Service Experts Plano base of operation is located at 6913 K Ave, Plano, TX 75074. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 214-624-6411 and


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