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Rats Problem; How to Keep them Away from Your House

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HOUSTON, TX—Rat invasions sure are an annoying thing to deal with. You need to do something effective immediately to get rid of them or to prevent them from entering your house. Here is what you need to know about rats and how to keep them away from your residence.

The Houston Rats

In Houston, there are two kinds of rats that can invade your house. The first one is the roof rat. This black rat has slim figures due to its agility. It usually spends its time in trees and on roofs of houses. The second one is the Norway rat.

This rat has a rounder appearance compared to roof rats and is brown in color. It is not as agile as its counterpart and likes to enter houses through holes and gaps at the ground level.

The Problems

What problems can these rats bring to your house? Well, since they have sharp claws and teeth, they can easily create extensive property damage by scratching and chewing your building materials.

Rats might even cause a house fire if they get into your wiring. Rat invasion can also affect your health. Rats like to spend their time in unhygienic places like alleyways or garbage pails. Imagine the germs and diseases they bring along into your house.

Tips to Prevent Rats

When the rats are already there, your only option might be to hire a professional rat-removal service. That's why prevention is essential. These few suggestions may help you keep rats away from your residence.

- Clean Your Yard

Clean any garbage as soon as possible. Make sure there's no pile of junk in your yard, or rats will be drawn to it. Maintaining your plants is a part of cleaning up your yard. Roof rats may utilize your trees and shrubs as bridges to your property if they contact your house. To make your house less approachable, trim your plants as often as feasible.

- Close Holes and Cracks

Do not underestimate a little hole in your wall. Rats may not be able to squeeze through a little gap, but they can chew the crack until it is large enough for them to enter. Hire someone to seal the cracks and holes around your house, if necessary.

- Block Their Access to Food

By leaving your garbage cans open, you allow rats to have easy access to food. Use garbage cans with lids and avoid leaving food outside.

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