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Protect your home from hurricane with this 'Do-It-Yourself' guide

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HOUSTON, TX - The hurricane season in Texas can be intense, and being prepared for any circumstances is essential. Before a hurricane comes, protect yourself, your family and your home with the simple steps below as advised by Houston's top home protection developer firm Houston Hurricane & Security Products.

1. Inspect your yard

A lot of people prioritize securing their homes, but you should not forget to inspect your yard. Remove outside objects that can cause danger, such as being caught in trees and decors. Cut down any weak trees, especially limbs and branches. It is also better to clean your gutter from twigs, leaves, and other debris and siding to prevent further damage. While cleaning, remember to check if your gutter is nicely secured.

2. Reseal windows and doors

Hurricanes break through windows and doors easily. Thoroughly check around all your doors and windows, including the garage door, and ensure that air doesn’t get through. A helpful tip is to set a candle by a window during a breezy day and see if any wind can slip through the cracks. Before the hurricane arrives, make sure all of the windows and doors are locked. When the hurricane warning comes, re-check the windows and doors you use the most.

3. Bring all ungrounded furniture and decorations inside

Check again for outside items, like on your porch and patio, for anything that a hurricane would blow away. If there is any furniture outside, bring them in, or if it’s anything valuable, store them in a waterproof container in your basement or somewhere that is sub-level.

4. Protect your windows

Windows are the most vulnerable part of the house. It is essential to protect them during a hurricane. The best option is to board windows with plywood. But if it’s too time-consuming for you, a much easier way is to invest in a durable hurricane shutter.

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