Outstanding Insights, Great Recipes, And A Wonderful Chef! I Loved The Cooking Class with Chef Clemence At The Gormandise School!

Marina Martinez

I took a cooking class at the gormandize school about a couple of months ago. The experience was brilliant with Chef Clemence. She is one of the best cooks I’ve ever met. Her knowledge and insights are priceless, and I loved every minute of learning with her. The class was an easy-to-follow-along class, and we had to create a 3-course meal that included a cake and Gnocchi. She was very conversational while the group was busy preparing the meal. Firstly, we made the cake and then moved to Gnocchi. The recipes were straightforward and delicious. I had a great experience with chef Clemence at the Gormandize school, and I look forward to taking another class very soon.

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