Charities Need to Stop Sending Graphic Photos of Animal Abuse

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I love animals, probably more than I love most people.

They judge you for your character and not for your social status or possessions. They don’t lie, cheat, or stab you in the back. Although yes, sometimes they do steal.

They let you know when something you did bothers them in no uncertain terms. They don’t gossip to their friends about it or ghost you.

Animals are excellent judges of character. 

And they love unconditionally.

For these reasons, I donate generously to animal rights organizations, am a member of several, and have protested on behalf of the dolphins in Taji, JAPAN, who are captured, hunted, and murdered from September to March every year for the entertainment industry. 

NOTE: Do not go to aquatic shows. If you do, you are supporting a cruel industry. These entertaining shows are examples of animal slavery.

I sign petitions, ad nauseum, but although I am generous, it is never enough. The word has gotten out and I’m bombarded with requests for donations. 

And with several, there are horrifying stories of abuse, mutilation, and torture. 

With pictures.

A Normal Day

On any given day, I delete100 e-mails. Many are political, but the majority outline graphic details of animal abuse in the hopes of receiving a minimum $20 donation.

I have made the mistake of opening some and the details plunge me into tears. And the thing is, there is nothing I can do for that animal. For the baby dolphin that has been torn apart for fun.

For the baby donkey beaten almost to death.

For a cat missing a leg or a dog missing an eye.

I know this is happening. It’s why I donate monthly to a local shelter, PETA, and am a member of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), to name a few.

It’s why I sign petitions and write to representatives.

It’s why I do my daily free clicks for the Animal Rescue Site and several other charities.

But the gory details traumatize me, and sending them en masse is wrong. We’re dealing with enough these days.


Animal rights organizations rely on donations and use mass media to garner them.

Once I’m through deleting graphic e-mails, I then have to deal with ads on social media, and when I shut down my computer for the day, these images appear on television. 

When I pick up the mail, there’s more, begging for more money and they call come with photos of mistreated animals. Yes, at this point I should just read a book.

They are heart-rendering, but they are relentless and pray on people’s generosity. But they also take an emotional toll. It’s just wrong.

And it isn’t very ethical.

According to the Charity Navigator, the ASPCA President and CEO make a whopping $712K a year. The charity receives only three stars, with 85.6 percent of your dollar going to animal health and services. 

I will be taking this one off of my list.

PETA’s President makes a modest $26K, but several others, including the veterinarian, pull in six figures a year. It only received a two-star rating with 75.46 percent going to rescue efforts.

This means that only a percentage of every dollar goes to alleviating the suffering of animals, but that’s why you donate. I want every cent of my dollar, or at least 99 cents, to go to that animal.

Not an executive.

In Conclusion

At this point, I have been educated on the horrors of animal abuse. It’s just one of the many horrors in the world. 

I agree; these animals are helpless. And suffering.

But I don’t need to see it.


And again.

And again.

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