One Surprisingly Clever way to Help People in Ukraine

Maria Wallisch

People all over the world are finding unique ways to help people in Ukraine from afar.
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People all over the world are wondering what they can do to help the people in Ukraine from afar, and some extremely creative solutions have emerged. Donations always help, and there are several charities you can donate to, but if you want to help, and are unable to give financially, there are other ways to give, which I wrote about here.

Foreigners who want to help Ukraine are getting creative about it. In my article above, I detailed how you can use Etsy to give your money directly to Ukrainian sellers, and help them keep their income.

Facebook user Alex B Simpson, in a post that has been circulating on Social Media suggests another unexpected method to directly help fund Ukrainians: Airbnb. Alex booked an Airbnb in Kiev, not planning on actually going there, to send help directly to a family in Ukraine.

“I just booked an Airbnb in central Kiev,” Alex wrote. “Obviously I’m not going to go there to stay, but I thought it was a way of helping by getting money to someone directly.”
Source: Alex B Simpson via Instagram

“I know it’s only one family, but it’s better than nothing.” the post continues. “I had a very grateful response from the owner Ekaterina who is hiding out in Kiev with her 75 year old parents and two dogs. Just thought I’d put it out there in case anyone else feels they’d like to help in this way.”

The Russian invasion on Ukraine has prompted an outpouring of International support for Ukrainians, and has sparked a conversation on how all refugees worldwide should be treated.

The post was edited to add that Airbnb is waiving fees on bookings to Ukraine.

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