Henrico, Virginia school alumnus nominated for Oscar

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WRIC news network in Richmond, Virginia reported that a graduate of Douglas S. Freeman High School located in Henrico County has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Dean Fleischer Camp is one of the co-creators of the 2021 animated film Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. He is credited with writing, directing, producing, editing, and starring in his first feature film. Jenny Slate is the other co-director, writer, and star. They worked for seven years with their team to produce an original YouTube project for all to enjoy and learn from.

About Marchel the Shell with Shoes On

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is about having incredible resilience. His enduring spirit exemplifies many principles aligning with the science of human resilience for people to draw upon. His character shows that risks are worth taking to build resilience.

Marcel practices modern brain science by naming his feelings to help him develop emotional granularity.

The Henrico County Public School graduate expects viewers to gain four important things from watching his film.

1. Risks are worth taking to build resilience.

Viewers can see in the movie that Marcel envisions possible ways to reunite with his lost family. He is fearful that it may lead to further strife, but he eventually builds the courage to initiate his plan, which turns out to be a risk well worth taking.

2. Relationships are vital protective factors for well-being.

Marcel has a deep connection to his grandmother Nana Connie. His relationship with her aligns with the research he was doing. That relationship helped Marcel find the courage to stay determined to reunite with his entire family.

3. Naming emotional experiences is powerful.

Marcel did not shy away from the emotions he experienced. He named them. He embraced them. He also expressed them courageously. Throughout the film, he is seen expressing grief as well as joy.

This teaches us that we develop emotional data by naming our emotions. It is a way to cultivate important behavior that leads to resilience.

4. Perseverance pays off.

Marcel maintained hope and remained brave as he navigated through insurmountable experiences. His courage helped him use creative ways to unite with his beloved family and community.

Watch the trailer for Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and learn from it.

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