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Latest development about former talk show host Wendy Williams

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Wendy WilliamsPhoto byYouTube Screenshot has learned that Wendy Williams is reportedly “sad and lonely” as she spends all of her time penned up alone in her New York City penthouse. The 58-year-old former talk show host continues to battle a series of alleged health problems and financial hardships.

Some of Wendy Williams' fans are concerned about her. She no longer sees her closest friends. When Wendy calls, she acts as if no time has passed since she was in contact with them. One close friend told the Sun:

"She's been calling people saying like 'Hey, let's have dinner,' but she's acting like all this time hasn't passed. It's this out-of-the-blue call with no update on how she's doing or anything.”

Wendy's obsessions

One of Wendy’s closest friends said the former talk show host is obsessed about not being married or having a significant other. She is “looking for love” and never mentions any upcoming projects she is allegedly working on.

Another friend told the Sun:

"When you finally do get her to give you an update about how she's been she goes off into these tangents about being single, looking for love, and all this other stuff,"

The podcast that was promised exclusively reported in June, Wendy decided to give up television to pursue a podcast project that would center around artists, fashions, food, and celebrities.

Wendy herself appeared on a local New York radio station in November. She told fans to expect her podcast to launch “in the next few weeks.” Wendy’s publicist said the alleged project is still in development and is “coming soon.” Wendy's close friends doubt her podcast will ever launch.

Wendy's ongoing problems

Wendy is still facing health issues. reported that Wendy has also been facing a number of financial problems since she last appeared on the Wendy Williams Show which ended in September 2021.

Guardianship expert and lawyer Sabrina Morrissey took control of Wendy’s assets and estate in May 2022. She is now reportedly in control of who can receive money from the former host’s fortune. That decision is causing problems for Wendy’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter who are desperately trying to get money from her.

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