Grandmother makes her 10-year-old granddaughter eat a food she despises or go to bed hungry

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According to Reddit, the parents of their ten-year-old daughter are doctors and work all hours of the day and night. The father's mother stays with the family to help out. She cooks dinner every evening for Susie, her granddaughter. The problem is she cooks one food almost every evening that Susie doesn't like. When Susie refuses to eat it, her grandmother forces her to do so or sends her to bed without dinner.


The girl is not really a picky eater, but she absolutely despises mushrooms. She hates everything about the fungus. She doesn't like the taste and texture, and the smell of them just makes her want to throw up, and sometimes she does. This has become a major issue for the girl. However, she doesn't tell her parents because she doesn't want to cause trouble in the family.

What the grandmother cooks

While the granddaughter despises mushrooms, her grandmother loves them and includes them in her dishes almost every evening. The meals often include portobello mushroom burgers, mushroom risotto, mushroom pasta, mushroom soup, raw mushrooms in salads, mushrooms on pizza, and many other dishes with mushrooms.
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What the parents found out

Fortunately for Susie, her parents recently had an evening off from work. They insisted that the mother-in-law take the evening off and go out. Susie's parents decided to cook dinner together. It was something they almost never get a chance to do.

Susie joined her parents in the kitchen in tears. She revealed how she was “sick and tired of being starved” every night and asked them to make something that did not include mushrooms.

The grandmother's confession

When the grandmother returned home, the parents confronted her. The grandmother confessed that Susie had told them the truth. She defended her actions claiming that Susie was spoiled and needed to grow up and get over it. She called her action "tough love."

The grandmother admitted to telling Susie:

“Suit yourself, but you’re not getting any other food the rest of the night. You have to outgrow this stupid mushroom hatred.”

The last straw

The last straw came when the mother-in-law accused Susie's mother of being a terrible mom for prioritizing her career over her child and failing to help Susie get over her dislike of mushrooms.

Susie's mother had enough and told her mother-in-law to leave. The father agreed that his mother was unreasonable and completely out of line. Now Susie is no longer forced to eat mushrooms or go to bed hungry.

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