Tyler Perry fired his entire accounting staff for a tax mistake that was made

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Even though Tyler Perry is a billionaire, he is careful with his money and wants to keep his eye on his finances. Recently, he discovered a mistake his accounting staff made on his taxes. Therefore, he fired not the individual who might have made the mistake. Instead, Tyler fired his entire accounting staff for the $9 million mistake.

IRS overpayment

The famed filmmaker fired everyone who worked for him in the accounting department because the $9 million mistake could have resulted in him having to pay $9 million to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instead of it being just the opposite. Rather than Perry having to pay that much money in an underpayment, he discovered the IRS owed him $9 million, as the result of an overpayment.

Tyler Perry's rags to riches story

Tyler Perry knows what it's like to have money, and he definitely knows what it is like not to have money. It has taken him over the course of twenty-five years to build up his brand. He has gone from having only $500, to sleeping in his car, and now to being a billionaire.

Tyler Perry is now a household name. He is famous for being an actor, writer, playwright, filmmaker, director, producer, and owner of Tyler Perry Studios, one of the largest film studios in the nation.

The philanthropist shared information with attendees at the 2022 Earn Your Leisure Conference where he talked about his successful career journey along with some of the challenges and learning experiences he faced along the way.

The "Madea" actor told the story about being audited by someone from the IRS. He revealed that the particular agent was supposedly obsessed with what he was doing with his money.

Tyler said:

“So this audit went on for three years. I’m spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in accounting with accountants for the audit and I am getting so mad, and so frustrated. We get to the end of the audit and they, the IRS, owed me $9 million."

Tyler concluded:

"Money isn’t something that I had and nobody taught me that taxes had to be paid. I didn’t go to college, but I paid for Harvard many times over in the mistakes that I made.”

Why the entire accounting team was fired

Perry's accounting team was elated about the overpayment, but the actor fired the entire staff responsible for his accounting because every one of them contributed to him paying $9 million more than he should have paid.

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