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Consumers nationwide buy most cannabis on 4/20, Black Friday

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By Margaret Jackson / NewsBreak

(Denver, Colo.) The top five days for cannabis sales nationwide brought in $493 million, according to the annual Cannabis Industry Year-End Review from Akerna.

The top cannabis sales days for 2021 were:

  1. 4/20, the unofficial cannabis consumption holiday on April 20: $111.8 million
  2. Black Friday, Nov. 26: $99 million
  3. Green Wednesday, Nov. 24: $98.2 million
  4. Thursday before Christmas, Dec. 23: $94 million
  5. Friday before Labor Day, Sept. 3: $90 million

For the five-day shopping period leading up to 4/20, consumers purchased a total of $373 million worth of cannabis products. The historically high sales were likely a combination 4/20 celebrations and additional states legalizing cannabis for both medical and adult use.

During that period, consumers purchased an average of 3.85 products per order with an average order total of $131.56.

Flower was the most popular, accounting for 48.08% of sales, followed by vape pens and cartridges at 30.38%; concentrates at 11.63% and infused edibles at 8.1%.

The top sales day in 2020 — Dec. 31 — wouldn’t have made it to the top five chart this year, said James Ahrendt, business intelligence architect at Akerna, a Denver-based enterprise software company focused on the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry. The top sales day in 2021 — 4/20 — was 25% higher than last year’s top sales day.

“We’ve diligently been tracking legal cannabis sales for over a decade and have seen constant growth each year, even amid the ongoing pandemic,” said Jessica Billingsly, CEO of Akerna. “Whether people are turning towards cannabis to celebrate holidays, for its countless medical benefits or as an alternative to other substances, it’s clear that Americans are increasingly purchasing cannabis each year.”

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