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UFOs Shot Down! Are They Planning Something?

Marcus Ringo

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. Just an ordinary evening in March of 1997. I was sitting at home in my parent's basement in the suburbs outside of Phoenix, drinking an ice-cold can of Surge and playing Mario Kart on my Nintendo 64. Not a care in the world!

I suddenly receive a semi-panicked call from my friend who lived a few blocks away, "Dude, go outside you've got to see this." he said. "What? What do you want?" I immediately reply. "Just go outside!" he repeated himself yet again. I pause my Nintendo, throw on some Jnco's and walk out to my backyard. The trees in our backyard obfuscate the view, but through them, I can see something out of the ordinary. I decide to get a better look, so I walk down the street to a Church with a big open parking lot and tons of wide open unobstructed space. I pause for a second, in disbelief. There it was, hovering above me in the night sky, basking in all of its questionable mysticism. The unbelievable sight of a bright triangular formation of lights, taunting us mere plebians from an elevated plane.

To this day, we are still unsure of what we all saw on that strange evening over two and a half decades ago, though some definitely have their opinions of what occurred that evening. Phoenix New Times argues that :

People seem to forget, or simply ignore, that there's no real mystery about it.

The article cites an additional article in the 1998 New Times that quotes a man Named Tony Ortega who viewed the occurrence in a high-powered telescope and claimed to have seen planes attached to the lights.

As for the "vee," which wasn't talked about or disputed as much as the hovering lights, it never was disclosed who was flying those planes. According to Ortega's report, Luke Air Force radar operators said there was nothing unusual on the radar, and "a formation of five planes--traveling at high altitude above Sky Harbor's and outside of Luke's restricted air spaces--would not have been considered unusual."

Seen here, is some poorly recorded footage, hosted courtesy of 12news.

Fast forward to February of 2023 and we are encountering a whole lot of high strangeness populating our skies. At the moment, since Feb. 4th, we have had multiple "Unidentified Flying Objects" shot down across the world.

This MSN article timelines the occurrences as follows:

On Feb. 4, a Chinese spy balloon was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean after being spotted off the coast of South Carolina.
On Feb. 10, a U.S. fighter jet took down another unidentifiable object, which allegedly wasn’t a balloon, that was hovering over the Alaskan waters.
On Feb. 11, another object was shot down in Canada, “over the Yukon Territory, which borders Alaska.”
On Feb. 12, the last known object was shot down over Lake Huron after first being spotted in Montana.

Shortly after, Fox News reported that Chinese authorities spotted a U.F.O. in the waters near Rizhao, a coastal city in Southeastern China.

This spike in occurrences has brought up many meetings and questions as far as our government officials and the press are concerned. When a high-ranking US General was questioned about the origin of these incidents and if they are of extra-terrestrial origin, he had this to say:

“I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out.”
“I haven’t ruled out anything,” added VanHerck, head of US North American Aerospace Defense Command and Northern Command.

Is our own government hiding or distracting us from something? Is a private company testing our military's response time? Are China and Russia spying on us right under our noses? Or could it be the sky people are coming back to check in on their colony?

Let us know what you think is happening during these strange times in the comments!

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