UFO Picks Wrong Airspace to Snoop Around

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In November 1975, a very strange occurrence happened to Travis Walton, a Snowflake resident, where he went missing for five days with very little recollection of what had happened. At the time, he was a logger and he and his co-workers began driving back from work on a seemingly normal day through the Apache - Sitgreaves forest, outside of Heber. That well-known day, the crew claimed to have seen the unbelievable, a flying saucer hovering about 100 feet away that emitted an ominous high-frequency noise. Walton, being the curious one of the bunch, approached the object. What happened next was history.

According to Travis, he claimed to have a beam of light knock him unconscious and when he awoke, he was in a large hospital-like room, surrounded by 3 short creatures and a human in a strange suit wearing a helmet. He claimed that he tried to fight with them until the human lead him to another room where he allegedly blacked out and woke up stumbling down the highway five days later, with his captors flying away into the sky.

We will never really know if this famous incident was fact or fiction, especially considering this happened way before the internet and smartphones, but it does pique our curiosity and make us ask ourselves some very deep questions any time the unexplainable presents itself.

Fast forward to 2023 and more than one thing has been intruding on our airspace as of late! Last week, a Chinese spy balloon was shot down at sea and was dealt with by our government. It was shot down off the Carolina coast in order to prevent dangerous debris from causing any damage. Officials have said that it's part of a larger intelligence program. Five companies and a research institute have since been blacklisted, further increasing our tension with China.

Just yesterday A U.F.O. was shot down outside of Alaska in our airspace. President Joe Biden promptly ordered an F-22 fighter jet to take down the object. It was described to be the size of a small car, and as of yet, authorities claim they are unsure who or what it belonged to. If our top-ranking officials and intellectuals cannot figure out what this thing is more than a day later, this bears the question, "what aren't they telling us?"

According to REUTERS:

The Pentagon said it was first detected on Thursday using ground radars. F-35 aircraft were then sent to investigate. The UFO was flying at about 40,000 feet (12,190 meters) in a northeasterly direction, posing a risk to civilian air traffic.

Is our government not telling us something? Is China up to no good? Are there people of the sky checking up on us? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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