Migrants Arrested in Arizona Show Smugglers Desperation

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Early last year, Arizonans were polled on which issues are most important to them. Illegal immigration is one issue near the top of the list. Arizona is a battleground state, like Florida and Pennsylvania, with races from the Governor’s Race to the Senate and even the Presidency being decided on razor-thin margins.

What was once a deep red state has quickly turned surprisingly purple, as voters debate what issues they feel are most significant and elect the candidates they hope will tackle those issues.

While illegal immigration is a major concern for many Arizona voters, illegal immigration continues all over the state in the background. Some say, it’s a problem that’s gotten out of control.

For years, Border Patrol has been dropping illegal migrants off in small towns and extremely rural areas, which, as we all know, can be unforgiving. Just a few hours in the hot Arizona sun will take its toll on your body, especially if you don’t have enough water or much money to survive.

But with the recent astonishing surge in illegal immigration, Border Patrol has its hands full.

The old copper mining town of Ajo, Arizona is one such place where Border Patrol Officers have been dropping migrants in recent years. The town welcomes them with open arms. It’s a small, unincorporated town in the desert that NPR covered back in 2021, writing:

“The number of people U.S. authorities are taking into custody at the southern border is on pace to set records. More than 170,000 migrants were nabbed illegally crossing the border in March, the highest monthly total since 2006.

Most are being sent back to Mexico, unless they're unaccompanied children, or in some cases families like these from countries like Cuba or Venezuela. That's because the Mexican authorities are refusing to take back migrants that aren't from Central America.”

Ajo is about 100 miles west of Tuscon. Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, Democrat, blames former President Trump’s with NPR back in 2021, saying:

"We are dealing with the effects of the previous four years of the Trump administration's policy of cruelty and chaos.”

Meanwhile, migrants are getting desperate. They’re turning up in insanely rural, arid places.

Two seventeen-year-old boys were recently arrested in Tombstone in an attempt to smuggle three illegals across the border. One left on foot, not getting very far with all three ending up arrested along with the two US citizens. With the cartel wars, the obscene quality of life south of the border, some Arizonans are asking, can you really blame them?

They have even more public shootings than us (and we have countless shootings!).

Others aren’t so keen on letting immigration run wild.

What do you think Arizona should do about the immigration situation?

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