Donald Trump cannot sue Twitter in Florida. The case has been transferred to California


On Thursday, a judge in the Northern District Court of California transferred a Trump vs. Twitter lawsuit to San Francisco after President Trump's attorneys filed a motion for a change of venue due to the public attention the case has garnered.

Trump first filed suit against social media company Twitter last month, alleging that it had violated his First Amendment rights by not allowing him to post messages on the site. In response to the suit, Twitter responded with a motion to dismiss, arguing that it was protected from liability as a so-called "interactive computer service" under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which prevents providers from being held liable for what their users say and do on their service.

However, Judge James Otero disagreed with Twitter's argument concluding that the case should be litigated in a state court. In his ruling, he wrote:

"While this clause might ordinarily permit a finding that Twitter is not a "publisher or speaker" of the information provided by others…the Court finds it may only provide immunity from liability where Twitter posts information "at the request or suggestion of a third party."

If Trump's suit were to proceed, Twitter could still face liability or be ordered not to disclose information about the president's account under the doctrine of executive privilege. This decision keeps that possibility alive, but Judge Otero declined to entertain Twitter's request for dismissal at this time because the relationship between Twitter and the President is "complex and involves numerous public, private, and state interactions," which would make resolution of the matter difficult and time-consuming.

This decision does not end Trump's lawsuit against Twitter, but it ensures that Twitter will face the case in its home court of California rather than Florida, where the former president resides.

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