Hummingbirds: The summer residents of parks and natural areas in LA!!

Downtown Los Angeles comprises the most iconic concrete jungles, skyscrapers, cars, and miles of concrete. You can see various varieties of hummingbirds in Los Angeles from May to July.

Hummingbirds are so magical to look at that they give people who watch them a spiritual boost, a feeling that there is light and life and hope. It's not just adults who are spellbound.

California is home to numerous hummingbirds year-round and seasonal. There are even a few species of hummingbirds that are rarely only found in California as exotic visitors.

Hummingbirds reside in different geographic ranges, temperaments, varied nesting habits, and diverse coloring, and they love to eat fruit flies. Many hummers like to build their nests with spider webs.

The main species of hummingbirds in California are Anna Hummingbird-largest Californian Hummingbird, Allen hummingbird-a coastal bird, and Costa hummingbird- usually found in desert regions. These hummingbirds live in California year-round and do not migrate.

The other seasonal kinds of hummingbirds are Black-chinned, Rufous, Costas, Green-violetear, Violet-crowned. The Rare species are- Broad-billed, Xantus, Blue-throated, Rivolis, Ruby-throated, and Broad-tailed.

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