The biggest lesson I've learned during an insane 2020

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The biggest lesson I've learned during an insane 2020

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I will never forget the day that pandemic started. As COVID-19 began spreading in Wuhan, China, it became an epidemic. Because the Virus spread beyond numerous countries and affected many people, it is classified as a pandemic.

On December 31, 2019, China announced a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan. Which then identified as a frightful virus named corona. It was a scary day. People were in denial and disbelief. They couldn't accept the reality that the Virus will go nowhere until scientists discover a Vaccine for it.

Before 2020, people were not wearing face masks in public, but now they must maintain physical distancing and wash their hands regularly. Everyone was supposed to take precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Keeping up with the situation was overwhelming. I was in shock Myself. I thought to myself: Why is that happening to us? At a time, I had a newborn and needed to fly back home to be surrounded by my family, but the pandemic changes all the plans and leaves us in isolation. All the flights were canceled, and no one was allowed to travel. The anxiety and fear of the unknown grew through my mind. It was exhausting several months, and there was no answer. In the first couple of months, I was holding my breath and waiting for it to be over. I was exhausted, needed a break, and my mental health was in jeopardy. I had to do something for myself and my family. Instead of putting everything on hold, I decided to embrace the situation. The pandemic could last a while, and no one knows when or how long the Virus will stay with us. I changed my perspective, started to enjoy life again, and found the things that make me happy every day.

I focused on the positive part of my life. There was a silver lining in everything. My baby was growing up, and yes, my family was missing these beautiful milestones; however, I started capturing these moments with my camera. So I can bombard them with my photos. I convinced myself to come out of isolation. And I reached out to my friends and family. Visit them virtually and hang out with them more often. I started exercising and walking around the neighborhood, going on a ride with my husband and our baby while enjoying our drive-through Starbucks coffee. Things became much better when I started to change my attitude. I learned that life is lovely, and the approach we choose to cherish and appreciate it is essential. At the beginning of the pandemic, I had lots of diverse emotions. Naturally, I felt anxiety and waves of panic. Since the media often creates an exaggerated impression of global terror, I tried to limit COVID-19 media exposure and worked extra hard to manage my emotions well. I reminded myself that this is a hard time for everyone, and we are all in this together. Covid 19 had a significant impact on my health. I found sufficient time to know myself better and work on my self. How you respond to stress during the COVID-19 pandemic will depend on your health, environment, social support, and financial situation. However, our mindset will form into a different shape, and it's in our hands to control it.

The biggest lesson that I've learned during the pandemic was acceptance. To accept all the things that are happening. And believe that sometimes things are out of our control. We are no superheroes, and we can't save everyone. Wrong things will happen, and the only thing we can do is affirm them. Time will heal all the pains and sorrows, and we need to let go for better inner peace. Being mindful about life will help us manage our emotions and live in the present moment. Mindfulness keeps us calm and conscious about our surroundings.

The pandemic is not over yet. It's been almost a year that we are struggling with it. And things will stay the same until we receive a good result from the vaccines. Such uncertainty about who might get sick from this Virus or die is worrisome. How long it will last and if people will lose their jobs and houses make us nervous. Our children's future and what school will be like in the next years. However, understanding that this situation won't last forever could encourage us and help a little.

"This is a restricted time, and it may be a long season of Covid-19, but we all know that this will end. There is always hope in everything. So I'll stay hopeful and pray for better days. A pandemic cannot change us as a human. It just came to teach us amazing lessons about ourselves in difficult times."

Pandemic changed my perspective about life and made me a better person. Now I am grateful for my life and the opportunity of living. I am thankful that my family is healthy. I found the hope in disappointment. I learned how to live fully and enjoy every second of it. This season of my life was for sure the most challenging yet rewarding.

We must remember how mighty humanity is. We all need to remember that life is a gift, and we should appreciate it.

Everything is temporary and can end tomorrow. When the pandemic is over, our life will flow again. The most important question by then is whether we learned our lesson or not? And what was that lesson that you've learned from it?

This condition showed us that we are all the same despite our religion, culture, colors. The Coronavirus doesn't prefer. Whether you are rich or poor or at any social level, It can affect anyone. It connected us in a way and It reminded us that there is only one thing that keeps us connected during this chaos. And that's humanity.

Possibly the most loyal of humanity demonstrated by the frontline healthcare workers who are working countless hours and work so hard despite the apparent uncertainties.

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