Internet Makes Us Happy "What A Mistake!"

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Internet Makes Us Happy "What A Mistake!"

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Does the internet make us happier?

Happiness has a significant role in our lives and an enormous influence on the way we live our lives. There are so many assumptions about the definition of happiness. People define it differently. However, they commonly agree on how happiness feels like. Some believe that happiness is to be satisfied and feel content with your life. Others define it as a healthy spirit or a good mood.

Happiness seems various for everyone. For you, maybe it is the contentment of who you are. Regardless of your version and definition of genuine happiness, living a happier and more satisfying life is feasible.

In general, Happiness has traditionally been considered a temporary and evanescent matter. To some, still attempting to accomplish it is an exercise in futility. When people drown in sorrow, they can't rescue themselves. The big bubble of grief that they are a convict seems permanent. Although sadness is not a depression, it still darkens all body role and functions.

In our busy lives, we continuously have our heads full of assumptions about the future or the past. All we do is thinking about what we are going to do next or what will happen. We evaluate ourselves by how decisive or poorly our actions are. Sadly we are not aware of what is happening around us and or the present moment. We miss so many good moments that we need to be mindful of.

Mindfulness Makes You Happier

By practicing mindfulness, we can live in the present. And be conscious of our feelings. Then, When we are aware of our emotions. We acknowledge them before taking action; therefore, we gain strength. That is incredibly empowering education because our activities are no longer dependent on our feelings. We may get a look at an idea, acknowledge it and then determine the extent to which it can affect our actions.

The exercise of gratitude is one of the most valuable strategies for how to be and how to stay happy. Happiness is concentrating on what you take rather than what you don't. Happiness is about celebrating your life and being grateful for the pleasure you have. And that feeling is associated with positivity, increased well being, and better health.


These days, people talk about the most harmful influence of the Internet, and you can't go anywhere without hearing about how technology is destroying everything, including our happiness.

However, Living in these technological times produces a global bond. Remember those days that everything was within our reach? All the people were around, and everything that we needed was accessible. Now the world is different. Our needs and desires are growing. We constantly crave for more, and those moments when families were staying nearby were gone. Nowadays, you can quickly lose touch with your friends after graduation or have small touch with loved ones when flying across the globe.

The internet is becoming more powerful in people's lives. People spend their time at work or break time to Check the internet. The first thing they do when they get out of bed in the morning or the last thing to do before sleep is to check their phone or social media.

The internet offers access to the sea of data and allows everyone to interact virtually with anyone anywhere in the world.

The internet transformed how we interact and communicate and how connections and relationships shape. To think of the world without the Internet is quite challenging and impossible.

The fact that the Internet and technology can bring happiness to people's lives is something we need to reconsider. We often fail to apprehend how technology can also promote happiness and well-being. When you can talk to your family that lives in another country and speak with them for hours without any interruption, video calls, let us speak to people worldwide. That's a significant positive impact on our social life and mental health. Or when we read an online article, it gives us a sense of hope, happiness, and enthusiasm. Social media is a platform where we can connect and engage in specific positive actions that boost health and wellness. We can easily express our emotions through different media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can share our thoughts, learn from each other and even show our love and support to other people who live far from us.

Among young people with symptoms of depression, social media was crucial for helping them express themselves creatively and healthily. They get motivated by others, feel that they are not lonely, learn from other people. Indeed, we can use the Internet to learn about fitness and mental health wellness, read others' stories in the same situation as us, and learn from their experiences. We can improve our communication skills. In general, our mental health can be better with these social media friends.

Happiness isn't about feeling upbeat all the time; somewhat, we should think of it as a habit. A trait that helps us appreciate our life and be grateful for every second of the joy. Happiness lets us fully embrace the real essence of life. Happiness is acceptance, and if you learn to accept everything—the bad and the goods and The ups and downs of life, and embrace them with awareness, your life will change for the better. It's crucial to remind ourselves that sometimes things aren't going quite well, and it's ok. This hard time, too, shall pass. happiness gives us the strength to face hardships and difficulties. It will create a positive mindset to see purpose and opportunities in incidents. And be hopeful for the future.

Knowing to what amount an measure the internet will affect our happiness is very important. Discovering approaches to boost happiness for ourselves and our loved ones is seemingly essential in life. Using the internet in a way that makes us happier is in our hands. While technology can direct people to negative emotions, it can also encourage happiness and connection.

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