Hope in emotionally traumatic childbirth that women encounter

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Hope in emotionally traumatic childbirth that women encounter


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Women feel helpless, concerned, and struggle with PTSD after a traumatic birth experience. And this happens everywhere in the U.S.

Trauma can be physical for the mother, such as a Birth injury, or emotional and psychological. Birth Trauma is not only just about the incidents that happened to the mother during labor and Childbirth. It can also be about the mother left alone with her emotions afterward.

You and your partner are anxiously are waiting for the best day of your life. You are so excited about the birth of your baby, but at the same time, all the fear and anxiety tells you if something goes opposite of your plans, then what will happen? If you don't get what you were expecting based on your dreams. What will occur?

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Of course, you have faith that all be alright, and you are in the hands of God. You try not to lose hope and be spiritual. However, sometimes things won't go the way we envision them. Traumatic conditions happen, and they can quickly destroy our expectations. Emotional and mental trauma occurs due to unusually stressful situations that damage your safety and make you feel weak and fragile in the uncertain world. Trauma can make you fighting with upsetting emotions, depression, and anxiety that won't go away. One out of four people will fight with mental health in their lives. However, Practicing some behaviors will make the world a better place to live in. Finding healthy coping strategies is crucial to ease your mind and recover from trauma. Below I'll explain some of them.

Expectations Will Change The Outcome

Expectations are something that will ruin the moments for us. And will bring demand and hope and often lead us to the full scope of negative emotions, fear, disappointment, and insecurities. If you didn't have any expectations, you would take things as they occurred and deal with them. Expectations shape our authenticity, and our feelings and reactions are all influenced by them. People say if you don't have any expectations, you can never be let down. And yes, it can be real.

When you own it, you give your trust to something. If it disappoints you to live up to your expectations, whether it be an experience or even yourself, it will hurt you. So what can we do? Something that can be effective in distressed situations is optimism.

Learned optimism is a mechanism of operating frustration and failure. With this method, you should generally be optimistic about every condition. If disappointment or failure came your way, think that why it happened. Perhaps it was outside your power so that you couldn't have done anything about it. You learned something from it, and you grow out of it.

Nurses are everywhere; the room is very dark. You do all your best, then suddenly something changes the outcome. Something that you didn't expect to happen. You start to panic and blame yourself and feel disappointed for whatever you went through. Your spouse is nervous for you and the baby, and that's the last thing you want to remember from this day that was supposed to be dreamy and beautiful. You don't desire to believe that. Ask yourself, why me?

This is an easy question to ask when encountering tragedy and grief in a world where it seems like you hurt more than others. It comes to the mind like a default question.

The truth is that we all suffer. We all suffer in a different form and at other times. The fact that suffering is universal, and it just not happens to you. so have you ever asked yourself, "Why not me yet?" Instead of asking, "Why me?"

Everything in life can change in a second. There is no guarantee for any planned outcome. in one second, you are happy and healthy, and in the next few minutes, things can shift suddenly for no reason. Everything will occur to everyone. If you acknowledge that we are all going through the same circumstances, you will appreciate your life and this moment that you live in. when we see other people and what they go through in their life, we develop empathy toward them. Gratitude brings a change in your beliefs and mindset. If you see the positive things, then life will be beautiful and positive in your eyes. That's what gratitude does. It rewires the brain. The truth is that we have too much anxiety and stress to enjoy life. We stress about all kind of things that happens in our lifetime. We are waiting for the worst-case scenario to happen. We get concerned about things that we can't control. Or have the power to manage them. We never concentrate on a more significant result. Negativity doesn't let us see the right side of our world. We are having a roof, health, a family that loves you. Delicious food that you consume every day. We never think about those as a blessing. The truth is that life is unfair and that scary things will happen no matter what. We are not superheroes to avoid it or modify the result, but we are superheroes of our minds. We can control it and fill it with positivity.

How Do You Define Trauma?

The way we perceive all the situations that occur to us. The method we observe our surroundings after the incident. That moment that you realize life is temporary and nothing is permanent. Everything will end eventually, even the things that have always been there. Your life can change forever because your expectations and your beliefs changed. Then there is no trauma. Now you can live your life and wait for the wonders or even incidents with an open eye. You are not a victim anymore. And the most extraordinary thing is that you believe in it. Even in traumatic experiences, you are a survivor and not a victim. If you desire to observe the universe from this perspective, then you understand the beauty of Childbirth and the child with all its miracles.

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