Be The Friend You Always Wish You Had

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Be The Friend You Always Wish You Had

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To be a good and reliable friend is not always easy. However, it's possible to take your time to nurture a friendship, and it worth every ounce of effort. Real companies are something that needs care and love to grow. Having that in our life will provide health, joy, and happiness. And if you wish to have that, you need mutual assurance, trust, and support. In our life, they are many ups and downs. We all have our stormy or cheery days. Life can be complicated and overwhelming or be magical and fascinating. You never know when problems will arriving, but you know that whenever that happens. There is someone there for you so you can count on and hold their hand through the sadness and grief.

There is somebody who cares about us, our emotions and struggles. that soul can be your mother, your sister, or even your partner, but in the end, that person is a friend—a genuine friend who is there for you. However, Family relationships usually come with a dose of blame and responsibility. On the other hand, friends are the remedy for daily life's burdens. They can change our perspective in challenging circumstances and lower our stress on facing an obstacle.

There are numerous events that we encounter in our life. The feeling of being special for someone is beautiful. The way you are understood and embraced by them is priceless. And the sense that they support you while you pursue your dreams is incredible. It's the beauty of life. Because in this path, we face many obstacles, and going through this path alone is tough.

Have you ever think about this? have you ever been a true friend to anyone? Think to yourself how you treated that person. And how impactful you were in their life. Isn't it beautiful that we can change someone's life just by being there and being with them? The magic of friendship is unbelievable. Being a supporter is not difficult; it's effortless to love someone and support them in their journey. Having empathy and being a good listener can do all the works. The ideal friend understands how to show vulnerability and doesn't insist on showing how great and robust they are. They show how much they believe us by admitting their sadness, difficulties, and sorrows, which will open them to a potential embarrassment. And, of course, They give us the gift of vulnerability.

To be a good friend, you should love yourself first. Self-love and satisfaction aren't found. They are obtained. One day you decide on self-love, but it doesn't work like that. You need to explore, learn, and practice it every day. Loving yourself is the most fruitful thing you can do for your life. You can't be happy if you don't love yourself, and no matter how bright everything else in your life is, you will continuously feel unworthy, like you don't deserve happiness. How can you be a good and supportive friend when you don't love yourself? How can you bring joy to other people's life when you are not happy with your own? So the first key in any relationship, especially in friendship, is self-love.

There are things you can do to be a good friend to others. And with these easy steps. You can be a dreamy true friend everyone wishes they had.

Real friends are curious to know our pain and problems, and they are not confounded or judgmental by all the things we've done. They don't see our faults and weaknesses critically. Because the real friend is comforting, they can understand how easily we can panic. They know we got a delicacy and fragility zone that needs to be treated very kindly.

A true friend encourages us to build self-understanding. We might have some strong opinions, but it can be challenging to explain why these ideas matter. a good friend listens and allows us to put all the puzzle pieces together. And to manage our fears and anxiety in our beliefs.

Here Are Ways You Can Become a Great Friend:

  • Be honest

No one wants to be friends with someone that is not reliable. Be faithful and don't lie. If you are continually trying to show that you are excellent and capable of controlling everything in your life, you are not a good friend. It would help if you acknowledged that you are sometimes fragile. You have your insecurity too. Be yourself, and don't be that person who is always trying to be someone they are not. Be comfortable in your skin. Even though you aren't flawless, the way you control and manage your faults with confidence will permit other people to be authentic and carefree with you.

  • Be a Good Listener

Listen to your friend while they talk about their emotions. Ask them about their feelings and how they feel. When people get heard, they feel safe and secure.

  • Be a Loyal Friend.

If you are a true friend, support them through obstacles. If you feel they are in an emergency. Be there for them when they experience their highest highs and their lowest low. Don't think that you are always there and that's enough. It's easy in words but Shows it with your actions. Cry with them. Laugh with them. Dance with them.

When you believe something is wrong, make sure they feel okay. When you show you're concerned, it means a world. You can send a text or a phone call. Remind them that you'll always be there.

  • Learn that it's okay to apologize.

Don't be afraid of admitting to your friends that you made a mistake. It happens to all the friendships. It takes a lot to acknowledge you did something wrong. but in the end, it shows how true and reliable you are. And much we can count on this friendship.

Overall, it would be best to have a friend with whom you can have a meaningful conversation. You can tell them about your good and a bad day, and the way they care about you is lovely and crucial.

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