Strong Women With A Delicate Heart, "ARE THEY"?

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Strong Women With A Delicate Heart

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Americans believe men and women are different in their dynamic abilities: how they interact with each other and how they express their emotions. Even their curiosities and hobbies are fundamentally different.

Over the last decade, biology has taught us that biological feedback happens due to the environment. If you give a very young child construction toys to play with, they will be biologically more experienced and skilled at creating and building things because of their practices and experiences. Therefore, social interference generates a biological influence.

In explaining gender differentiation, When parents acknowledge that their girls prefer dolls and boys prefer trucks. It's not all about preferences. The type of figures we are raising our children can impact their life. People believe everything is biological; however, social and cultural attributes are enormous in reality.

In psychosocial developmental theorists, we learn that kids acquire gender-role-consistent behaviors over time through cognitive learning, socialization, and experience (Liben & Bigler, 2002). Gender schema theory is a social-developmental theory that suggests boys and girls form cognitive schemas for gender-based knowledge based on perceiving and observing their environments (Martin & Halverson, 1981). Such schemas include the behaviors and characteristics of being a boy or girl. ("boys are quick, powerful and tough"). Therefore, after a time, children accept that they are different. They develop a schema for their "own" gender (boy or girl), and they choose special activities and environments that match their gender. Boys think that he is tough, so he will play a superhero instead of having a tea party"). Moreover, boys tend to choose rough play when they play in a group, whereas girls prefer quiet and collaborative spaces (Maccoby, 1990; Rose & Rudolph, 2006).

How about Crying? Does it have a Biological or cultural origin?

Women are amazing. They are the most inspiring humans in the world. Intense and delicate with a beautiful essence. They can immediately get emotional, and their heart gets filled with pure joy. They feel the sadness with their soul and have a considerable compassion skill that no one can ever compete. Women let their hearts guide them, and real feelings can beat them like a tsunami. They never try to bypass it; indeed, they use it as a mechanism to go through life's ups and downs, but the fact that society recognizes that skill as a weakness is something to rethink. Women usually feel they must be double as good as others to be taken seriously.

Strength and fragility is power, which is gifted. Combining these emotions performs magic and makes women a novel individual. They have a multidimensional perspective and deserve to be seen for their uniqueness.

They can cry easily. for them, emotions have to get expressed somehow, so tears come out. A study shows that women cry 4,680 times over their adult lifetime. But did you know that they have six times as much tear-producing prolactin and smaller tear ducts than men?. Since people say that women cry without reason, they feel embarrassed to reveal their emotions. Still, Crying often provides them the clarity to make a significant, powerful decision. It seems that it's no longer appropriate for them to weep openly, and they called dramatically. However, if men cry, they are viewed appreciatively.

Growing up, we all heard that powerful men do not cry, they don't get emotional, and they handle problems with logic and not their hearts. And while everyone thinks, that's a societal perspective. But the reality is something else. There is a genuine reason why they cry less. The reason is not related to societal beliefs that men must be tough, but actually, it's about male hormones.

"A researcher decided to do a study to understand human tears fully. Based on her conclusion, women can cry between 30 and 64 times in a year, and men cry between six and 17 times yearly. what is the reason is an exciting result of her judgment. Based on her insights, psychologist Georgia Ray mentioned simple sociological and physiological reasons for men crying less than women. Based on her findings, Compared to women, men have lower prolactin levels (a hormone that is related to producing emotional tears). Societal stereotypes, which is a cultural generalization, discourage men from weeping. and men do have less of the hormone that allows humans to cry emotional tears, and when they do, society judges them"
"Here's why men do not cry, and there is a physical reason by e-paper DECCAN CHRONICLE "

What you think causes women to cry :

Crying has precious mental and physical advantages. It's a built-in healing mechanism that brings joy and happiness with itself. Vulnerability will bring you closer to people, and that's what makes you real. A series of sensations can provoke crying, and they're not all bad. All of us have seen "tears of joy," like when you see the birth of a child or your family member getting married or visiting your loved ones after a long time separation. A touching movie or a heartfelt book leaves women watery-eyed. Anxiety and grief are the reason that can spark their emotions and tears. Sometimes there is a reason behind your tears. Perhaps it is over a breakup or challenging day at work and conflict with your boss. Some of them are troublesome and difficult to handle, such as losing a loved one. But in the end, dropping a tear is a very natural phase of life. And it's a perfect way to release emotions.

Life is beautiful. It has the most challenging and joyful moments. Nothing is all white or black. There is a logic behind everything. Raising a child without assessing them and pushing our beliefs can be a world changer. Communicating with them and preparing them for real life is crucial. If we utilize balance in every aspect of our life and see the whole reasoning behind everything far from a biased opinion, we can all be an impactful individual. Let's live in a world full of boys who can weep without judgment, guilt, and humiliation and girls who can pursue their hopes and dreams.

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