How To Improve Your Visualization Skill

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Art is a powerful method of expression. With that, we connect to the universe, individuals, and our minds. Human experiences and emotions make artworks, which depict human sensation and Knowledge about the world. Drawing is a method to recreate our environment, so every artist can create a world to observe everything from a distinct outlook.

Like music, drawing can reveal our beliefs and passion, and these sensations illustrated in our artworks and pictures. A human can interact with nature through Knowledge. And explore the uniqueness and unity of it. Interest in subjects that describe images starts with drawing skills. We can introduce people to our artistic minds with the aid of the drawing. An artist can represent complex content through drawing, and that is the power of art. the language of illustration and drawing is the same as other languages. It has its commands and techniques, which we can learn only by gaining knowledge of this language.

The art of drawing is one of the oldest techniques that humans used for communication. A drawer can express their feeling with easy tools such as a line. The sketch can use in every visual major due to its simplicity and power of expression.

Drawing has three significant variables.

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The sketch represents the artist's feelings in a moment. They don't describe the details. However, they are valuable. Artists usually use sketches as a guide to creating another form of art.

Pre drawings

These drawings are done in a longer timeline and with more precision. These pre drawings can help the artist choose the best example and the most desirable view for the final piece.

Comprehensive Drawing

This drawing signifies an extended version of an individual or space, reflecting perspective, depth, and measurement.

Today Creating art pieces is not limited to traditional; tools such as pencil and charcoal. There are tons of unique ways to combine materials and utilize them. Furthermore, in the past, there were no tools to create any art form. But nowadays, computers are new amenities for creation.

Envisioning Power

Communicate to the world correlated to the human eye and the way they look at things. An act of watching can be done very fast. And our brain analyzes everything at the same moment.

Most of the people (watch) but they don't (see). And the most important thing is that all people can't see in the same way.

Watching is an easy and straightforward reaction to things. But seeing comes with precision and evaluation. Artists pay attention to these details more than anyone in the universe. The difference between an artist and an individual is in the quality of observing. Visualization sense and power of vision can get accurate and excellent with practice.

How to practice visualization

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There are many things in your surrounding. Look at them thoroughly. What becomes to your attention?

There are tons of different objects around us, with various (shapes) and (sizes). Choose one item and draw it with any tools. Observe your drawing thoroughly. What is the correlation between your object and the drawing picture of it? With your drawing lines, your hand can draw Whatever your eyes have seen, and your brain processed on the paper. Therefore, Creating an illustration depends on the brain, vision, and hand coordination.

One of the most important things is to change our perspective. We need more sensitive observation for drawing, and enabling this skill will help us recognize objects' dimensions completely.

When we observe an object, we require to see other factors such as (texture), (appearance), and (symmetry).

Practice Vision Sensitivity

Look at your object with more curiosity, and then without watching at your item, attempt to draw it on your paper based on whatever you remember of it. Now you should compare this drawing with your previous one. Which one is more accurate? Our success in representing the narrative can reveal our vision sensitivity. Have you ever think about how delicate your vision sensitivity is?


With a magnifier's help, watch the (texture) of natural elements such as leaves, flowers, trees, your hand, and animals. And explore the world with a fresh vision.


Now draw your chosen object with extra concentration. Compare it with the two previous drawings. Do you believe that your visual sensitivity has changed?

Picture position in the frame will create positive and negative space.

Positive space is the filled area of the picture, and negative space is the empty sections.

Creating a balance between these two area is very important. Artist can choose the most suitable space to incorporate elements in the drawing.

How to Practice simplifying

Today's simplicity is convenient. Industrial Designers and Graphic Designers represent a simple form of elements in their work. Clarity and Knowledge of producing simple arts need strong visualization, which is possible with practice.


Look at your surroundings. If you want to simplify the elements, how do you draw them? are they comparable to any geometric shapes?

What elements are similar to a cylinder or cube?

In the drawing, we are working with different tools.

  1. Tools that are making impacts such as (pencil) and (charcoal)
  2. surfaces like (paper) and (cloth)
  3. helpful tools such as cutter or drawing board

These tools will create incredible possibilities for an artist. However,

using these tools required practicing.

Drawing Tools

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Drawing utensils

Generally, you can draw with any tool that affects the surface. Standard tools are such as pencil, charcoal, crayon, and brushes.

Drawing Base

Drawing base is The surface you perform your art, and these surfaces are usually paper, canvas, and fabric. There are many papers with different textures in the market. Paper is the most usable surface for drawing. .The proper drawing tools must choose the quality of the papers.


You can use Drawing Easel For fixing your paper and creating a suitable environment for drawing. Artist can use the easel at a proper distance and perspective of himself. Furthermore, he can use it in a seating or standing position. For drawing, other tools can help create artworks.

Work Environment

Today artists use different locations to create art, such as individual craft rooms, nature, or architectural buildings.

In my next article, I will teach you Brilliant Ways to improve your drawing skill.


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