8 Amazing Facts About TRANSITION NURSERY into TODDLER Room

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10 things you need to know before transform Nursery into a Toddler Room


I can't believe how fast time flies. My baby girl is exploring her world, and now it's time to acknowledge that my baby isn't a baby anymore, and she is a toddler officially. Nearly overnight, your charming baby girl begins to walk, climb, talk, and gain that newfound attitude. Creating an area or providing a room that only belongs to her can nurture her independence and strengthen her confidence. Therefore I decided that it's time to transition her nursery into a toddler room. How her bedroom is organized can make a big difference in her self-confidence. I decided to renovate and arrange her stuff in a way that she remembers where everything goes.

A little something on this room's inspiration is that we decided to implement Montessori and Waldorf inspired toys and practice it with her. A Montessori inspired toddler room promotes freedom, trust, and responsibility. The space is fully available to the child to explore, learn, and build a safe space to exercise freedom. Montessori focuses on real-life experiences, and Waldorf emphasizes the child's imagination and fantasy. Since the Montessori Method, the furniture and storage are accessible; My baby girl can develop responsibility for her belongings by returning them to their proper places. By designing a room that forms responsibility, we give her a place to strengthen confidence, where she can be free and efficient for fulfilling her duties. After all, when you have a secure space for your baby to explore, you can boost their curiosity over the environment around them. Babies react to a low-hung mirror and other small toys. However, when they grow up, you can choose toys and objects that help them with their five senses. Empower them to grow their sensory skills by playing with earthy materials, sand, water, and other textured items.

As adults, we have different opinions about how we would like our children's room to look and function. However, the Montessori approach creates everything from the child's horizon. It's pretty straightforward; you have to sit on your floor and whatever you can reach and see is your child's view. What do you see from there?. It is an easy way to shift your perspective and discover what your toddler will see. Whenever you decide to design a Montessori bedroom, Simplicity is key. The most important things you need are a few essential tips to create a bedroom that encourages confidence and rest while being secured and convenient.




Here are my five favorite tips for transitioning to a toddler's room

  • 1. Make it a Homey and Encouraging area :

I decorated Eva's room the way that suits her personality and filled her room with items she adores. A fluffy pillow or her precious stuffed animal. A warm and comfortable blanket that is soft to touch is very soothing. These days her favorite animal is a kitty. Thus I got her a kitty pillow, and she enjoys snuggling it greatly.

  • Safe Atmosphere

I made sure that her bedroom is safe to explore. I Utilized outlet covers, secured furniture pieces to the wall, and tuck all the cords. If you can substitute plastic for natural and re-usable materials, you can make a safer home.

  • Simplicity is the Answer

Having a clear and straightforward uncluttered bedroom to rest and play is very important. Kids get overwhelmed in a disorganized room and cannot focus on their activities. Organizing everything in a way that my baby can quickly find her stuff is critical. Plastic toy storage from IKEA is very helpful and beneficial to keep everything in their place, and I genuinely love them.

  • Neutral in color ( Earthy Tones)

These days, the trend is to keep the nursery rooms gender-neutral, which was a bonus for us since we didn't need to paint the room. Still, if you have a tiny budget, you can utilize wall decals and pick your favorite from the several available gorgeous patterns in the market.

  • Say Goodbye to Crib

Once your toddler starts to strive to get out of the crib, it's time to convert your crib to a toddler bed or buy a Floor bed. In my case, We bought a crib with an optional toddler rail kit, and we can use that kit to replace one side with a low safety rail. It will let our baby girl get in and out of bed on her own, securely.

  • How to Create Cozy fun Reading Nook

Reading every day to young children can enhance their communication skills. I Incorporated books into Eva's daily life and read to her in the morning, in our car rides, at lunchtime, and before night sleep. By introducing the book and including it into her daily habit, I let her learn more and expand her knowledge every day. Creating a comfortable and quiet space in your home for your toddler to read, you will provide her an environment to fall in love with the world of books, stories, and reading. Reading aloud for your toddler is a crucial way to help them transfer from babyhood to toddlerhood. By hearing stories about life in their surroundings or stories about other kids, they can learn how to face their fears and challenges. Reading together will strengthen the bond between you and your toddler. And will support them to feel secure and loved.

  • Wooden materials :

Most of the materials in the Montessori bedrooms are wooden. And there is much reason to have wooden toys in your home environment. Wooden toys promote sensorial exploration. Wood is a precious toy. It is warming to the touch and cools in the air despite plastic. There is greatly sensorial value in playing with wooden toys, and this experience will add to your toddler's developmental skills. Wood is stunning, and human-made components never will be. By introducing this beauty to your toddler, you are feeding their young mind the most excellent materials.

Things you will need :

  1. Include Soft pillows and comfortable blankets
  2. Add a Bookshelf
  3. Place Your Nook in a Bedroom Corner
  4. Dramatic Canopy Tent
  5. An area rug or big floor mattress




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