Here's What 3 Tampa Nurses Think About DeSantis' Bans on Mask Mandates Entering Florida Law

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In recent news, Governor DeSantis announced that he is working to get his bans on mask mandates into Florida law. I interviewed three Tampa nurses to get their thoughts on this controversial issue.

The Issue: Bans on Mask Mandates Becoming Florida Law

Despite our governor's effort to keep "medical authoritarianism" away from Florida residents, some businesses and places are pushing back against those bans.

Governor DeSantis stated, "Some of these people just won't quit...This is just nuts that we're still doing this...We need to continue to lead and we need to lead with this by making all these protections permanent in Florida statute."

Three Tampa Nurses Speak Up

I interviewed three Tampa nurses to get their response to Governor DeSantis' stance on this contentious issue. Here's what they said:

Bethany stated, "It's outrageous. Everyone should be required to wear masks, or at the very least, businesses and offices should be allowed to enforce their own mask requirements. Masks save lives by preventing infections. That's a fact."

Isabelle stated, "I'm all for healthcare workers wearing masks, but I don't like wearing a mask while I'm not working. Really, no one wears masks anymore."

Eloise stated, "Oh god. He [DeSantis] needs to leave healthcare to the professionals. I've seen too many people suffer and die from COVID to know this is a bad idea. It's only going to get worse at this rate."

What do you think? Do you think that DeSantis is right in pushing for bans on mask mandates to become Florida law? Let me know in the comments below.

*Note: Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of Florida residents.

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