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I Interviewed 3 Tampa Residents About Florida Rep’s Advice to Buy Chickens, Not Eggs

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You've probably noticed that the price of eggs has skyrocketed. To fight this egg inflation, Florida representative Anna Paulina Luna recommends buying chickens instead. I interviewed three Tampa residents to get their thoughts on this pricey issue.

The Issue: Egg Prices Skyrocketing

Did you know that last January the average price for eggs was $1.33 a dozen? Right now, that price is more than tripled to $4.33.

Florida representative Anna Paulina Luna stated, "If you don't like the price of eggs right now, seriously consider buying chickens... Don't pay nine dollars for farm-raised eggs, it's not worth it. Get your own chickens."

3 Tampa Residents Speak Up

I interviewed three Tampa residents to see how they're fighting egg inflation, and what they thought of rep. Anna Paulina Luna's response. Here's what they said:

Charlie stated, "I'm not fighting anything. I pay what I have to pay because I don't have a choice. My apartment's tiny, I can't keep chickens, I need eggs, and I pay for eggs. They need to keep these prices down."

Poppy stated, "I would love to keep chickens but they don't allow it [keeping chickens] in my HOA. I already have a small garden in my backyard, but I'm not zoned for chicks. The HOAs have too many rules and restrictions. If they were more lenient then I would."

Cyrus stated, "It's a cop-out. Yeah, there's a massive egg shortage, but the only reason that eggs are so expensive is that millions of poultry had to be euthanized thanks to the bird flu. That's the reason. Not this inflation crap."

What do you think? How can we fight egg inflation? Should more people start keeping chickens? Let me know in the comments below.

*Note: Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of Florida residents.

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