Florida governor says hospital admissions are slowing down, and this is not true. What are the facts?

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After today's press release, many Florida residents are asking, what are the facts? We've seen the COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations skyrocket over the past few days, breaking records. Yet, Florida Governor DeSantis claims "hospital admissions have slowed." This is simply not true.

So what are the real facts and data?

Have hospital admissions slowed?

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In today's press conference addressing COVID-19, Florida Governor DeSantis worked to downplay the severity of COVID-19 at this time. This is just days after he banned school districts from enforcing any mask mandates. Specifically, he was adamant that we are not shutting down the state or imposing any restrictions that could harm business (like mask mandates).

"We're not shutting down. We're gonna have schools open. We're protecting every Floridian's job in this state. We're protecting people's small businesses."

His reasoning? Supposedly, hospital admissions have slowed down. At least, according to him. However, this contradicts the actual numbers and facts of the situation.

"Hospital admissions have slowed."

However, the disturbing thing is that the facts and data show that we are at an all-time high for hospital admissions. They have not, in fact, slowed down.

The Real Data Behind Florida's Hospital Admissions

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As you may have heard, this weekend has been record-breaking for COVID-19 numbers in Florida. And...not in a good way. On Saturday, we broke the record for most COVID cases recorded in a day. On Sunday, we broke the record for most Florida residents hospitalized with COVID. And yesterday, on Monday, we...broke that record again.

  • Saturday, July 31: 21,683 new daily COVID cases
  • Sunday, August 1: 10,207 Florida residents hospitalized
  • Monday, August 2: 11,515 Florida residents hospitalized

Monday became the new record for most people hospitalized. And today, just a day later, DeSantis says that hospital admissions are slowing. Strange?

Florida Residents Aren't the Only Ones Worried

Obviously, the fact that the numbers contradict what Florida Governor DeSantis is saying about COVID and hospitalizations is a little disturbing. People outside of Florida have blamed the governor's loose restrictions and guidelines for the COVID-19 situation we are in right now.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki urged DeSantis to better encourage Florida residents about the pandemic measures that can help save lives.

Readers, what are your thoughts?

What do you think about the current COVID-19 situation? Do you agree with Florida Governor DeSantis that we should not lock down the state or enforce mask mandates? Or do you disagree? Why do you think the governor is claiming hospitalizations have slowed despite the numbers?

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