Uh-Oh! 3 Safety Tips in Case You Find an Alligator Somewhere Strange (Like a Post Office!)

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So, you may have heard: one unlucky Floridian found an alligator in a post office the other day. Although definitely shocked, they weren't hurt by the 7-foot reptile. But as the weather warms, alligators are getting more adventurous.

This article discusses the recent alligator incident in a local post office, along with three crucial safety tips in case you happen across one yourself!

Customer Gets the Shock of a Lifetime

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On Wednesday, a customer got the shock of a lifetime when they stumbled across a 7-foot alligator in the most unlikely of places: a Spring Hill post office.

The customer was trying to drop off a package at about 3:30 in the morning when they found that they were not alone. The alligator had managed to get through the automatic doors earlier in the night and then got stuck in the post office.

Luckily, no one was hurt in this crazy incident. The customer called the police, who in turn called a trapper with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The gator was safely removed and relocated to a more suitable location.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission traps and removes any alligators who are considered a nuisance, meaning:

"It is at least 4 feet in length and the caller believes it poses a threat to people, pets or property."

3 Safety Tips for Floridians (in Case You Stumble Across a Gator Too)

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Since we live in Florida, this incident, although rare, can technically happen to anyone. Alligators are all too common, and with the weather warming up (and thus, gators becoming more active), incidents like these aren't unheard of.

Although no one was hurt, it's important to practice good safety etiquette in the event of an unexpected alligator. These three tips should help keep you and your loved ones a little bit safer.

1. If the alligator is in an unexpected area, do not approach the reptile. Alligators can be very fast when they want to be and are super strong! Instead, keep your distance.

2. Call the police and the alligator hotline. Florida has a designated alligator hotline. In addition to the police, you can call the alligator hotline (866-FWC-GATOR), which can also give you additional safety tips.

3. Do not attempt to move the alligator yourself.

If you come across an unexpected alligator, follow these three tips for a safer experience. Alligator safety is very important here in the sunshine state, so be careful and safe.

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