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Didn't Get Your Vax? Your Prices May Skyrocket Without Vaccination Proof

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Some businesses are already trying to find a loophole in the new Florida law that prevents businesses and companies from requiring vaccination proof. "No-Vax Tax," as some have dubbed it, is one such loophole. A June concert in Florida is charging $18 for tickets unless you cannot provide proof of vaccination, in which case the price of your ticket will be $999.99.

This article takes a look at the upcoming Florida concert ticket scandal and the legalities of what they are charging non-vaccinated concert-goers.

A Bill Banning Vaccination Proof
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As of July 1st, a new law will go into effect in Florida. Governor DeSantis signed the bill, SB 2006, a month ago. It prohibits businesses, schools, and government offices from requiring proof of vaccination in exchange for services. Any organization or business that breaks that law will be subject to a hefty fine per each instance the law is broken.

Naturally, this has caused some businesses to seek out the loopholes, so to speak. Paul Williams seems to have found one, but the question is, is it legal?

Nearly $1,000 for a Concert Ticket

On June 26th, Teenage Bottlerocket, a pop-punk band, is playing a concert in St. Pete. The tickets range from $18 to $1,000 depending on a few factors...

  • $18 if you pay in advance and show proof of COVID vaccination
  • $20 if you pay at the door and show proof of COVID vaccination
  • $999.99 if you buy a ticket without proof of COVID vaccination
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Paul Williams, from Leadfoot Promotions, is responsible for the "creative" pricing of the tickets. The band members are apparently in support of the "No-Vax Tax" on the tickets as well. Paul Williams says that the reason for the higher prices for non-vaccinated people is because they want to do the show safely.

“And they (non-vaccinated people) should go out and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their families and their community.”

Considering the steep price difference, the question has been raised: Is this legal?

Is "No-Vax Tax" legal?

Despite the debate that "No-Vax Tax" has raised, Williams claims that it is completely legal because he is not turning away business. He is likening the cheaper tickets for vaccinated people to a "discount."

“I compare it to what we see right now with Dunkin Donuts giving you a free doughnut when you show your vaccine card."

But is it really the same thing? $999.99 for a ticket is out of most people's price range, making attending the concert nearly impossible unless vaccinated.

Also, it raises the question, where does "No-Vax Tax" end? What will happen if other businesses copy Williams's pricing model? Will prices, in general, go up for non-vaccinated people or those who do not want to show proof of vaccination?

As businesses in Florida reopen, these are questions that need to be addressed, and soon.

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