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Cassadaga's "Devil's Chair" Is a Creepy Urban Legend

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Cassadaga's Devil's Chair, courtesy of Trip Advisor Images

Cassadaga is a small Florida town and spiritualist camp. It's a known hotspot for mediums, psychics, and witches. But, the urban legends surrounding Cassadaga get even weirder than psychics and ghost stories. Just outside the town, in a cemetery that many of the original Cassadaga spiritualists were laid to rest in, is the Devil's chair.

This article explores the creepy urban legend of Cassadaga's devil's chair. Is it the devil himself? Ghosts? Or something else entirely?

What is a typical "devil's chair" in urban legend?

Devil's Chair from Wikicommons

A "devil's chair" isn't specific to Cassadaga, Florida. There are actually a few around the United States and the world. They started as mourning chairs for those who visit the graveyards to mourn the deceased. They were really popular in the 19th century.

As time went on, cemeteries stopped providing the "mourning chair" and instead started to place benches in cemeteries, such as the kind that you may see on a walk through any park in the United States. Of course, the creepy older chairs started to get a stigma and superstition about sitting in them.

This leads us to the myths and legends surrounding Cassadaga's Devil's Chair.

Cassadaga's "Devil's Chair" Superstitions

Cassadaga's devil's chair is said to belong to Satan himself. There are two main superstitions surrounding this Florida legend.

The first superstition is that if you sit in the chair, you will see the devil. Or you might hear him. The chances of this spooky encounter go up exponentially if you sit in it at midnight.

The second superstition is that if you leave a can of beer on the chair when you return in the morning the beer will be empty. Sometimes the can will be opened. Sometimes the liquid simply vanishes from the sealed can. Either way, apparently the devil likes a cold drink every now and again.

How can you find the chair?

The Cassadaga Spiritual Camp can be found at 1112 Stevens Street, Cassadaga, FL 32744.

The chair is located in the Lake Helen-Cassadaga Cemetery, which is a small cemetery that is less than a mile from Cassadaga. It's literally walking distance away.

Google Maps screenshot was taken by the author

The chair itself is fairly creepy and decrepit. If you're daring enough and into spooky history and myths, this devil's chair is worth the trip to Cassadaga.

Just don't sit in it, or do. The choice is yours.

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