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7 Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Needs to Know ASAP (as Summer Approaches)

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Did you know that about 350 kids (age five and below) drown in pools each year in the United States? It's a staggering number, and here in the sunshine state, we have a lot of pools. Most of those 350 deaths happen in the summer, June, July, and August, in people's own backyards.

If you have kids, this article will be helpful for you. Here are seven pool safety tips that every parent needs to know ASAP.

7 Safety Tips for Parents


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1. Don't leave kids alone by pools or hot tubs, especially if they are in the water. If adults are hanging out in a group, make sure at least one person is consciously keeping an eye on the kiddos at all times.

2. Make sure your kid knows how to swim. If you own a pool, your child needs to know how to swim as soon as possible.

3. If they don't know how to swim, make sure that your kid wears a flotation device when in or around the water. Flotation toys are not enough to keep your kid safe, so please do not leave them with tubes or noodles and assume they are safe.

4. Teach your kids to steer clear of the pool's drains. Small children can get trapped easily in and around them, leading to drowning.

5. Install a fence around your pool to keep kids from wandering close to the water. A lot of fences that are designated for pool use have self-locking mechanisms so that the gate cannot be opened by young kids. This can save lives.

6. Install a lockable pool cover to keep kids out of the water.

7. Know how to perform CPR. Even if you know how to perform CPR on adults, CPR is performed differently on young children. Knowing how to properly administer CPR to young children can be the difference between life or death.

Stay safe and enjoy the water.


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Using the tips above will help give you peace of mind and keep your children safe. No one thinks that horrible things can happen to them or their family, but they can. So please, if you're a parent and you own a pool, keep these tips in mind and implement some of them. Even if you do not own a pool, knowing CPR is an infinitely valuable skill.

These seven tips will help you to have a safe summer. Don't be afraid to own a pool or enjoy the water as we warm up here in Tampa Bay. Instead, just know how to keep you and your kids safe.

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