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MOSI: A Tampa Bay Science Museum for Kids and Adults Alike

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After a short closure due to COVID-19, the Museum of Science and Industry (better known simply as MOSI) is finally open once more. MOSI is widely known to focus on science, innovation, and helping young minds understand how the world works and science's place in the world.

This Tampa museum has been a huge part of the Tampa Bay culture and community for many years and continues to renovate and provide amazing exhibits. Let's take a look at what makes MOSI such a great place for adults and kids alike.

My Experience at MOSI

Admittedly, I've been to MOSI on a number of occasions, and often as an adult without any young kids in tow. MOSI is a place for both children and adults to learn, grow, and discover. For me, MOSI has always been a good experience overall, though there are some positives and negatives to the museum, just as there are positives and negatives to most things in life.

The positives: the exhibits, the staff, the cleanliness, and the parking experience (which is so important to us adults, isn't it?).

The exhibits are always interesting and well-curated. If you've been to a lot of museums, then you know that sometimes exhibits won't have a lot of information on the plaques or to go with the pieces. To me, that's a waste. Luckily, MOSI gives you plenty of information in each exhibit to satisfy your curiosity. They truly make it their goal to educate, and I admire them greatly for that.

The staff is always very friendly and helpful each time I've visited. I've never had a bad experience with MOSI staff, and again that is a huge deal. Customer service is a dying art, but not at MOSI. The museum is also very clean and orderly and there is always plenty of parking when I arrive (though I do tend to arrive closer to opening than midday, so I cannot attest to parking if you arrive in the late afternoon).

The negatives: closures

The exhibits that are open are always wonderful, but every time I've gone there have been unexpected exhibit closures of some kind, usually a small corner of an exhibit or, on one occasion, an entire exhibit. Life happens and sometimes there's a need to close small sections, but it has happened on more than one occasion.

Current Exhibits of Note

A Look Inside

A Look Inside is a hands-on educational exhibit of the human body. One cool thing about this exhibit is that like most MOSI exhibits, it allows you to interact with it. There are some life-sized organs and an almost "Operation" style game that lets our future surgeons and doctors explore what's inside the human body. There are also the "drunk goggles" which educate on the effects of alcohol on the body and how it impairs people visually and cognitively.

The Saunder's Planetarium


Photo of Part of The Saunder's Planetarium by Wikicommons

The Saunder's Planetarium is a favorite of mine. The planetarium hosts shows throughout the day that allow you to glimpse the night sky and all the wonders it has in store. I would highly recommend checking out one of the shows at some point during your visit.

Want to Visit? Booking Information

Entrance Fee: $12.95 for Adults, $10.95 for Seniors, and $7.95 for Children

Hours: Sunday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Address: 4801 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33617

Website: https://www.mosi.org/

Additional Notes

Additionally, due to COVID, they have announcements on their website that all guests ages five and older need to wear a mask fully and properly, meaning covering both mouth and nose at all times while inside the museum. Other than that, the museum is operating normally and hosting a number of events for adults and children alike.

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