Survive First Dates With a Doomsday Prepper Mentality

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Prepping for doomsday and first dates are eerily similar.

The TV show Doomsday Preppers taught me a good prep makes even the worst situations turn out a-okay. This can be applied to dating!

I’ve had my fair share of first date disasters. I’m sure you have too. So, let me ask:

  • Do your dates complain about their coworkers for over an hour without seeming to breathe?
  • Do your dates get stuck in the toilet because you both feasted upon pounds of spicy tacos?
  • Do your dates try to get you back to their place/car/secluded area ASAP?
  • Do your dates secretly love your best friend and Can’t Stop Talking about her?
  • Do your dates sometimes suck?

I’ve had all of those happen to me.

And if you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’re in luck. There’s some wisdom from doomsday prepping that can be utilized to survive the rocky dating territory.

Here are some tips to survival…whether you’re prepping for doomsday or prepping for the first date.


When prepping for doomsday, your food selection is essential. After all, you have to eat, right? To survive in a post-apocalyptic world, you need to prepare and preserve food, which means that picking the right foods is key to survival.

Spicy tacos are obviously not a good option for doomsday or first dates.

When choosing a restaurant for a date, you want to eat somewhere with a food selection that’s not going to put you on the crapper. That’s not a great start to a potential relationship, and it definitely doesn’t bode well if you want to hook up later.

Try something light and sensual instead. A place that has options, maybe even some chocolate fondue. Also ask yourself, what do they like? If you know, consider that.


Preppers know the importance of staying hydrated. They spend tons of money on building water reserves and finding ways to filter water.

For first dates, staying hydrated is especially important. Especially if alcohol is involved, as it often is.

Staying hydrated is going to help your body process the alcohol, whether it’s wine, a margarita, or harder liquor. The last thing you need is to get black-out drunk. Not only is that going to leave a bad first impression, unlikely leading to a second date, but it’s not safe.


Doomsday preppers need a shelter that will withstand doomsday. Makes sense, right? They put a lot of thought into potential problems and issues that could arise, like super tornadoes or atomic bombs.

Your date deserves the same dedication.

Planning an outdoor date can be fun! The beach, lake, or even a romantic walk in the park are ideas that are sure to woo your date. However, Mother Nature has a way of sabotaging the best plans.

Check the weather. Is the weather agreeable? If there’s a chance it can rain or storm, plan a backup option. Not only will it save the date, but it will score you major points if you suggest a cute local restaurant or activity “off the top of your head.” Hey — your date doesn’t need to know you planned it.


Security in a resource-scarce world is crucial. Preppers come up with tons of creative ways to secure their locations, from boarding up the house in under ten minutes to look-out towers built high in the trees.

For dates, you need to think about security in a few different ways. If you’re the type of person to want to hookup on the first date, then make sure you have protection. Prep by adding a condom to your pocket or purse.

However, I would recommend spending the first date in a safe, public area. Keep yourself protected and be cautious. Don’t meet people alone or in a secluded area for the first time!

I definitely would not recommend meeting a first date at their house (or letting them into yours) if you don’t know them. So, do a little prepping by making sure that where you meet will be in a safe place. Use your judgment.

Your “X-Factor”

Every prepper has something unique that they contribute to their survival, usually a skill they honed or a passion they’ve followed. This is their “x-factor.”

Some preppers are super knowledgeable about testing for chemicals and harmful substances. Others excel at martial arts or growing algae for food. When preppers work together and bring their unique “X-Factor,” they grow even stronger as a team.

In dating and life, there’s something unique that you contribute. Whatever makes you different is going to make you valuable. Don’t hide away your differences or passions, instead share them with your date. Together, you might have the potential to be a great couple!

If worst comes to worst, have a “bug-out” plan.

Every prepper knows that sometimes you just have to get the hell out of dodge. In dating, it’s the same.

Some first dates are not salvageable, and you need a plan in place when it’s time to “bug-out.”

That guy that just wanted to talk about his coworkers? I knew seven of his coworkers by name and annoying habits by the end of the date. Seven! Eight names and annoying habits if you added my date to the mix.

The problem was that I didn’t have a bug-out plan. So, come up with a way ahead of time to get out of bad dates. Whether you fake a phone call or an illness…don’t be afraid to bug-out!

The Takeaway

Nothing is better for survival and success than being prepared.

When I watched Doomsday Preppers for the first time, I was shocked by the amount of time and effort people put into preparing for the end of the world as we know it. However, anticipating events and being proactive can honestly help in all areas of life, especially dating.

Miguel de Cervantes said, “Being prepared is half the victory.”

If you can prep for the bad, then the good will come. These tips can help you survive and thrive in your first dates.

So, take a little bit more time to prepare for your dates. Consider the food selection. Make sure you stay hydrated. Take a look at the weather when planning an outdoor date. Be safe. Embrace your “X-Factor.” And don’t be afraid to bug-out when appropriate!

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