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I’ve had two jobs as a sales agent. In both, I ranked in the top 10% of the company for sales per month.

This is a huge achievement because I didn’t work overtime. I worked my mandatory 40 hours a week, did my job, and pulled ahead of 90% of the people each time.

There’s a lot that goes into sales, but I’m going to give you the top two secrets. I learned these from my experiences selling massage memberships and health insurance. They’re simple in theory, but don’t be fooled.

These tactics can be used not only in traditional sales but also in life. You’ll be more persuasive all around, and who doesn’t want that?

1. Your Attitude.

I was playing roulette on a cruise casino. Cue the hot streak. An older gentleman was watching and complimented me. I grinned at him and told him that I have it all figured out (maybe I was a little tipsy, okay).

“What are you betting on next?” he asked me.

“Black! It has to be black next,” I declared.

We chatted a moment longer as the dealer spun the wheel, then the gentleman put a thousand dollars on black. I was thrilled…until he lost of course.

Another time, I was at a convention, in the cafeteria. I had ordered this ridiculously expensive upgraded version of spaghetti. A man and his wife walk by and stopped to ask where I got the spaghetti because it looked so good.

“I ordered it from the register — it takes a few minutes because they make it fresh but it’s worth the wait and price! It’s just like the spaghetti from a place I love back home! I’d highly recommend it!” The man ordered the spaghetti.

Now, I wasn’t trying to “sell” anything in these instances, however, my boyfriend accuses me of having a naturally “salesy” personality. I influenced both of those people.

But what was common about these two examples?

I was enthusiastic and confident.

Enthusiasm and confidence are going to draw people in and make you appear credible (even if you aren’t).

First of all, no one wants to buy anything from the person who lacks enthusiasm. If you’re not excited about your product, why should they be? Enthusiasm makes you more approachable. People want to talk to friendly people. This is especially important when you have a product you’re trying to sell, like at a massage studio or a health insurance phone line. But it’s just as essential when you are trying to be persuasive in a general sense. If you’re not approachable, you lose most of your audience.

Confidence is equally important.

Once, I called Verizon about my phone plan twice within an hour. The first person I spoke to wasn’t confident. They told me my options, looked at my plan details, etc. I didn’t upgrade with them because I got the feeling they didn’t know what they were talking about. I doubted them. And how could I not? They kept saying “um” and putting me on hold to “check” things. Pro Tip: filler words like “um” kill confidence. Delete them from your vocabulary!

When I called back, another person gave me the same information (turns out the first person wasn’t wrong) but with a lot more confidence. I felt comfortable with them. I upgraded with them.

If you’re not confident, why should people trust you? A lack of confidence doesn’t make you wrong. It just makes you harder to trust, which is almost worse than being wrong in sales and persuasion.

Enthusiasm and confidence can be applied to all situations in which you’re trying to influence someone’s opinion or actions.

2. Your Knowledge of Your Audience.

“Hey, bae. I have a thought experiment for you!” I said to my boyfriend.

“Really? Alright, shoot.”

I then enthusiastically explained a premise for an article and asked for his opinion on a few different titles.

After giving his opinion and chatting for a few minutes, he says, “Wait, you know this isn’t really a thought experiment, right?”

I wasn’t actively trying to “sell” him, but I realized after the fact my words said otherwise. After all, giving him a rundown of the article and then pitching a few titles wasn’t truly a thought experiment in the traditional sense.

However, “Hey, let me run this verbiage by you,” is going to be a lot less appealing for my boyfriend. But what my boyfriend does like? Thought experiments. Philosophy. Think-y things like that. So I adapted to my audience. And it worked. Knowing your audience is crucial.

You want to adapt to your audience.

When I did massage membership sales, I would adapt to what I knew about the person. If a client was coming into the spa to schedule a Swedish relaxation massage, I’d pitch the membership from a relaxation and stress-reduction standpoint. My verbiage changed when they’d come in for a deep-tissue therapeutic massage to help with an injury. In that case, I’d pitch the membership more towards maintaining a regular practice for therapeutic reasons.

In sales, you need to take what you know about the client and customize the pitch for them. When I ask for the sale, I want them to feel like it’s a good fit for them. In life, you want to do the same. Adapt to your audience to increase engagement and make them realize what you’re touting is a good for them specifically.

The Takeaway

You can use these two tactics in traditional sales or in your daily life to be more persuasive. I convinced my boyfriend to let me get my cat through unrelenting positivity and enthusiasm alone. Seriously, it works.

Just to recap, the two secret weapons of sales are:

  1. Your attitude: Maintain your enthusiasm for the product or the idea that you’re pitching. Be confident.
  2. Your knowledge of your audience: Use what you know about your audience to craft a better pitch. Make it enticing to them. Show them it’s a good fit for them.

Do those two things and you’ll be more persuasive in no time. But remember, use your newfound powers of persuasion for good only — like to get more cats.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” — Uncle Ben in Spider-Man

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