Fiction: Hustle and Bustle. “Short Kids Story.”

Malek Sherif

A Legal Disclaimer for a Fictional Story: This is a work of fiction and cannot be presented as fact. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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Timmy's family lived just on the other side of the street from the Browns. Mike Brown, who is just two years old, Peter was just about to turn six years old, Mary Lou was nine years old, and hustling and bustling were thirteen years old. Hustle-Bustle was a wild parrot who lived in the jungle.

Hustle-Bustle would begin his day by using his strong, curved beak to open the entrance to his enclosure, and then he would soar to the highest point of his space. As he looked about for company, his head bounced in this direction and that, and his long feet held onto the wires with all their might. "Hello? He shouted at her, "How are you doing?"

If the kids didn't answer the door by eight o'clock, he did as their mom did and called them: "Maree! It is time to get up! Peeter! "Oh, Mary Lou!" There is a possibility that some children may fall for this deception, and as a result, they will groggily get out of bed and dress themselves many hours before they need to be ready.

Hustle-Bustle would often pretend as though he was talking to someone on the phone. He had the impression that he had mastered the whole of the English language thanks to Mrs. Brown. When Mrs. Brown answered the phone, he would yell, "Well, well, gab-goo-pilly-bow-biggildy-guck!" each time. yelling "Fuddy-fopgoopity mum-was-forty-fay!" in their faces.

The phrase "Well, goodbye now!" was the last cry of every argument. Good-by! Goodbye, The reason Mrs. Brown's callers hang up on her so often is that they believe she is saying farewell. Who is that bird? I can just make out Mrs. Brown's discontented mutterings.

That creature! Peter and Mary Lou were irritated when Hustle-Bustle woke them up at an ungodly hour. Mr. Brown would sometimes smile and suggest that maybe we needed to sell him.

When Mrs. Brown, Mary Lou, Peter, and even little Mike saw him, they would all gaze at him with big eyes. Market "Hustle and Bustle? Oh, 710! "they said. In response, Hustle-Bustle would always greet him with a cheery "Well, well, hello!"

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