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Legal Disclaimer for a Fiction: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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Better than being intelligent is the ability to recognize what you don't know. It was a rainy day when Raju, Deepu, and Sonia left school. People in Delhi's Red Fort neighborhood lived together. During the half-yearly test in history, they were arguing about who had gotten the best grades.

Sonia had a smile on her face. She had a speech impediment, and so she was unable to communicate much. During their altercation, she kept her ears open. She'd gotten an A on all of her tests, with a 70% average. They were impressed by what she had written.

"It's nothing." I was only able to get a 70% on this test. Despite this, I'd want to add a "very good" rating of five stars to my review, "Deepu said." My score was 75% as well. "Ma'am had said that I was the best student in the class," Raju remarked with a grin.

They were followed by a little child. He immediately overtook them after hearing them converse. This bright-looking stone was dropped as he ran past them. Raju dashed after it and snatched it up. "Hey, you dropped it!" he said angrily to her.

The youngster came to a halt, turned around, and saw Raju beckoning him back with the stone in his hand. His companion returned to him. I'm grateful for your help! He claimed she would have punished him to the point of death.

"That's no issue at all. But wait, what's this all about? " Raju was perplexed. The youngster turned his head in every direction. He took a few moments to survey the area before guiding Raju to a quiet spot. Feeling left out, Deepu and Sonia followed after them.

There is no need to notify anybody about this. A portion of the Kohinoor diamond may be found here. There is no doubt about that, isn't there? He inquired about Raju.

"Kohinoor?" Raju was overcome with joy. It's a no-brainer! " It was a part of the decoration that we are now looking at in this specific fort. It's the Red Fort! "And the Britishers took it," he continued. Sonia gave a forceful nod of her head.

It's not just that. This is something we're working on getting back with the British government right now," Deepu added. The kid said, "Wow, you guys know everything! There must have been some left over for them at the Red Fort. Because they were anticipating its theft, they cut it in half and hid the larger portion here," he said.

Then Raju responded, 'Of course!' with a clench of his teeth. " "I'm aware of it!" Sonia and Deepu nodded in agreement. The boy said, "You three are quite intelligent." Well, what can I say? You may show your folks this section of the diamond. "

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Sonia and the men yelled in her head too. Please take this. " In exchange for this gem, you must give me something I can keep," the youngster said. "As you can see, this is our first encounter."

Raju said, "What is your name?" According to the youngster, Deepak was what he called it. So, that's good news, Deepak. To help you, we'll lend you our cell phones, "Raju commented." It's all we have at the moment. The diamond Deepak was about to give her was too valuable to accept just a simple ring in exchange. Although our cell phones are quite costly, Deepu cried out in exasperation. Deepak responded, "Oh, that's good," as he took the phone from Raju and Deepu.

After saying, "We'll return the Kohinoor to you tonight," Deepu hurried off with the others to Raju's house. With great joy, they pressed the diamond against Raju's father's chin and handed it to him. Raju's father paused in his workbook and stared at his son. He said, "What is this?" Deepu said, "Uncle Deepak gave it to us so we may show it to you all." A portion of the Kohinoor!

"Who are you, Deepak?" I asked. Kohinoor? "What is Kohinoor?" Querying Raju's father, The Kohinoor diamond, "This is it! Raju commented. Where did you get it from? It was given to you by someone named Deepak, but who is he? Was he at home before? " His father inquired, perplexed.

Raju mumbled, "N... n... no, Papa," as his face became pale. You've heard all I've said. There is a Kohinoor Diamond in India now. Where did you hear that? " He inquired. "I... I... Raju couldn't recall anything at the moment.

Also, only another diamond can break down a diamond! Raju's father added, "And that's something that's not done very often. According to scientists, it is the world's hardest material. To cut other drugs, it is virtually always used.

They were all astonished by what they saw. They were at a loss for words. Sonia was the first to speak out when the situation arose. She broke down and sobbed. Raju's father gave her a sympathetic glance before turning to face his son. Immediately after the blow to the head, he slumped back into his chair. Both Raju and Deepu were now in tears when the three youngsters sat down next to him.

The father of Raju regained his composure. "Get up, kids! It is the time!" "You may have lost your phones, but today you got something much more priceless," he remarked. The youngsters squinted at the sky. They were unable to comprehend what I was saying. They hadn't merely had their phones stolen, hadn't they?

There you go. This theft has taught us all a good lesson. Keep in mind that no matter how much you think you know, you don't. Before acting on any new information, "he suggested," he cautioned. Afterward, he continued, "It will be considerably more valuable for you to accept it for yourself and then take action." As they made their way to the entrance, he held their hands.

Having left them at the door, he set off in quest of the stolen cell phones. The three youngsters remained by the entrance until he was no longer visible.

Remember: The vast majority of what we know now comes through reading or hearing about it from others. Nonetheless, there are many things we don't know (such as the fact that there is no shattered portion of the Kohinoor in India). There are many things that you may not be aware of. Accepting this is the only way to avoid making hasty choices and keep getting better in all parts of your life.

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