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Legal Disclaimer for a Fiction: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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After 20 years, it takes only five minutes to tarnish a reputation. You'll act differently if you consider that possibility. Mr. Ramshankar taught physics in the old Delhi neighborhood. As a physics teacher for more than 20 years, he taught young people who wished to become engineers the intricacies of the field.

He was passionate about what he was studying, and it showed in the way he spoke about it. Parents began asking him to tutor their children after school, and it was only a matter of time until he was booked solid. Mr. Ramshankar, on the other hand, was a man of high moral character. He didn't feel good about tutoring after school and taking large amounts of money without telling his school.

In the end, though, he had no idea what to do. The administration at his school would not comprehend why he wanted to teach the same material to kids after school hours only to make more money. He could work longer hours. Even if the pupils required further instruction, it could be done in school. In addition, he was unable to say no to the many pleas from his parents.

He was hesitant at first and asked for more time to consider it. When they began visiting him every day to address the subject, he just became more and more distant. In addition, he recommended that parents approach the school's administration to inquire about after-school programs. That didn't stop the parents from disobeying. They anticipated that their suggestions would be evaluated and implemented at school over a lengthy period. They were looking for a shortcut. Their visits to his place continued.

Mr. Ramshankar had had enough and threw down the towel. When a parent came to his home, pretending to have tea with him, he would simply get up and leave the room. The parents were at a loss as to how to persuade him.

His father, though, came up with a brilliant solution. A group of parents met at his home one evening and discussed how to handle Mr. Ramshankar's resolute denial. A new television set was suggested as an alternative to Ramshankar. His sound system is an ancient one that doesn't operate very often. His favorite pastime seems to be watching the news on television every day.

Deepu's father said, "What a brilliant concept!" She promised, "I'll go tell him we'll give him a TV if he'll instruct our three kids for a month." "You betcha. You need to go... What does he say? Sonia’s mother demanded.

Mr. Ramshankar's residence was the first place Deepu's father went. When he finally came, he rang the doorbell. Without uttering a word, Mr. Ramshankar opened the door and immediately shut it behind him. I'm going to wait here for Mr. Ramshankar (Ramesh): "That's what I said." The bargain I'm about to offer you is one you can't reject. Your father, Deepu's father, remarked, "Please take this with grace."

"What is it?" the elderly instructor inquired. This year, we're going to give you a high-definition television. We are thrilled to have you on board. "Please accept it and take our children for one month's tuition," he continued.

When Mr. Ramshankar heard this, he was pinned to the floor. as though he had just heard something he had never heard before. The man had long been saving enough to obtain a new TV but still didn't have enough to see the late-night news and other programs he loved.

He couldn't refuse this offer. He didn't give it any thought and just accepted it. "Yes... yes, I'll do that. Yes, absolutely! Definitely. Is that what you're referring to, a month? "Of course," he gushed back.

Deepu's father couldn't contain his pleasure. On his way back home to Raju's, he was welcomed by cries of triumph. Inquisitive neighbors soon followed suit. It's a mystery. "What gives you such joy?" I spoke to a neighbor about the issue.

Sonia's mother related the tale to him, and he believed her. Congratulations to Deepu's father for successfully influencing Mr. Ramshankar, and he commended him on the success. After all, it wasn't simple to bring up the subject of tuition with him in the first place. Divya, a young lady, was one of the neighbors. She was a newcomer to the neighborhood and an aspiring journalist.

It was after hearing from her neighbors that she quietly left the gathering to write down what she had heard. She called her workplace and sent an email with the tale to everyone well before the clock struck twelve. A physicist reluctant to take bribes accepts one-month tuition on an HD TV set the following day in the city edition of a local newspaper. Mr. Ramshankar was missing from school that day, according to the teacher's attendance log. He left Delhi that night, vowing never to return to his birthplace.

Remember: What others think of you is your reputation. As a result, a person's reputation will suffer if they are dishonest, have terrible habits, or are harsh in temperament. Such a person is likely to be forgotten or spoken about in a negative light by others. On the other hand, a person's reputation will be enhanced if they are nice, honest, and good-natured. In other words, he'll be well-remembered and well-talked-about.

Innumerable benefits flow to you as a result of your good name, most of which you are unaware of. People will only trust you and be happy if you maintain a good reputation. You may develop a reputation, but you can lose it very quickly.

If you commit a dishonest act, you will lose all of the goodwill you've built up for yourself. As a result, you must use extreme caution in all of your interactions with people. Be honest and nice to people at all times, and develop excellent habits in the process.

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