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Legal Disclaimer for a Fiction: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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With money, you might occasionally find yourself in more fascinating situations. However, it will not affect the number of people who adore you or your state of health. Lavanya was all aflutter with excitement. She had just recently begun to make acquaintances at her new school, so she decided to dress up for the birthday celebration of one of her new best friends.

Lavanya desired she had all of her new friends' toys and outfits, particularly her new best pal. For years, she begged her parents to purchase her the trinkets she saw in the houses of her peers.

Just like her new pals, her parents had a large automobile and had just purchased a home, too. Her buddies, on the other hand, had more dolls, clothing, and toys. As a result, she was excited to accept the invitation to the birthday celebration. She didn't want her parents to say no and keep her from coming to her first birthday party since it was going to be her first birthday celebration.

A Dora in India theme was chosen for the celebration. Getting to dress up like her favorite doll, Dora was a dream come true for her. As a result, she was able to have her way at home. Her mother informed her father about the gathering by calling him. In the end, she hung up the phone and wept at Lavanya.

According to Lavanya's mother, "your father consented." As far as she could tell, Lavanya wasn't allowed out of the house until they were convinced she was ready. Her father would also have to pay for her friend's pricey presents and her costume, which she would only wear once and put away in her closet.

In the dim light, Lavanya could just make out her mother's features. Joyful, she shook her head and clapped. She was having such a good time that she didn't even realize how upset her mom was. She needed a costume for the party, and she expected her mother to accompany her right away. Upon entering the shop, she immediately began swooning over the clothes.

She wept at home since her mother had only bought her three clothes. She ultimately decided on a dress to wear after receiving chocolates from her father and a promise that he would buy her additional clothes. Her Dora doll for Sammy, her closest buddy, was swiftly snatched up by her, and she hurried to the automobile, where her father was honking anxiously. What an exciting time we were about to enter.

To meet the other guests she had invited to the party, Sammy squeezed Lavanya's arm and brought her close to her. Sammy's closest friend from her colony, Disha, In-Class 2C, had Manav as a best buddy. Lavanya had never heard of him before. In Class 2D, she and Sammy were both placed. Chelsea was the new international student in their class.

When she wasn't seated next to Lavanya, Sammy's closest friend, she sat with her. In Sammy's life, he had a slew of close pals. As Sammy had so many nice friends, Lavanya hoped she could have as many.

Lavanya sat close to Disha and Chelsea on the couch during the party. They were giggling and pointing at her while keeping their lips open. Lavanya was baffled. She checked to see if everything was well before going back to work. Sammy's voice reached out to her at the same time. She sprang out of bed and rushed over to her. Himanshu, her best relative, was introduced to her by Sammy. Sammy and Lavanya were both younger than him.

They huddled around and began playing Dora the Explorer video games. The ink was being applied to their arms by a tattoo artist in the far corner of the room. Later on, a magician was scheduled to perform magic tricks for the audience. Everyone was staring at him with a smile on their faces. Lavanya wished she could host a similar event in her own home. All aspects of the trip were excellent.

Sammy's mother, too, was decked out as Dora the Explorer for the day. There were dishes upon platters of food being prepared for everyone. Pastries, muffins, jalebis, gulab jamuns, and all of Lavanya's favorite foods were on the buffet. Dora dolls were painted on the dishes and glasses. The table was set with pooris, pakodas, and paneer tikkas. Everyone seemed to be having a blast.

Pastries were Lavanya's thing. Pineapple and a strawberry pastry had just been devoured by her before this. Seeing Himanshu enjoying a chocolate treat made her want it. She didn't want to get up and ask Sammy's mother for it since she didn't feel like it. It was just too much work. Lavanya waited for Sammy's mother because of this, but Aunty was too busy to hear Lavanya's cries for help.

Lavanya had to raise her voice since everyone was making so much noise. Sammy's mother finally responded by yelling at her for one more croissant. When Lavanya asked for a croissant, Sammy's mother was less than pleased. Anger was evident in her eyes as she threw the pastry across the table and slammed the dish down. My kid eats, eats, eats. She tugged at Lavanya's huge cheeks, saying, "You seem like you belong to a very well-to-do family!"

Disha and Chelsea both burst out laughing. Chelsea stood next to Disha while she had her tattoo done. Once she was done inking her new tattoo, Disha sprung from her chair and walked over to sit next to Lavanya.

Let me know whether Lavanya is enjoying her pastries. I've acquired a tattoo of a Dora doll on my wrist. What are you going to get? Isn't it time for Chelsea to get a hippopotamus done? "It'll work for her," he remarked with a chuckle. I also want a Dora doll tattoo. "Before now, I've never been inked," Lavanya said.

There's a problem here! Chelsea scolded Chelsea for having a Dora toy on her wrist, saying, "You should have something larger done." The size of your arms astonishes me. Lavanya took a peek at her arms before turning to see Chelsea's. Hers seemed to be much smaller than hers.

Despite Chelsea's sarcasm, she could see she was being teased. Disha, who was giggling, caught her eye. They both walked away, leaving her on the chair alone for the duration of the conversation. I'd want you to join me here, Chelsea. Find Sammy, please. "Bye Lavanya!" she exclaimed.

As they passed, they gave her a friendly wave before heading off to locate Sammy. Lavanya took a bite of her croissant off of the Dora doll dish and examined it carefully. She was eager to taste it. But she couldn't do it. She requested that her parents come and pick her up. She just lost her appetite.

Remember: in life, money can buy you a lot of things, but it can't buy you everything. Like the adoration you've received from others, a few people may begin to like you because of your wealth, but that doesn't guarantee they'll fall in love with you as a person. Because of this, it is smart to be careful when spending money to try to impress someone.

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