Fiction: The Earth orbits the Sun. “Inspiring Kids Story.”

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Legal Disclaimer for a Fiction: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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To me, it's important to learn from the best that others have accomplished. I don't think you should simply sit down and attempt to imagine everything yourself. Nobody can be so clever. What a pity! I've left my science textbook at home! Nirupama was informed by Shanti.

Nirupama screamed in disbelief. "Instead of Wednesday's schedule, I planned for Tuesday's. "I feel so bewildered at times," Shanti remarked. Their science instructor, Gita Ma'am, walked into the classroom at that moment. Her first act was to greet everyone with a happy new year before diving right into a lecture on the solar system. She sketched a few circles on the board to get her bearings. Then she turned to the students and spoke to them in a stern voice. Her gaze was drawn to Shanti.

No, the Sun revolves around the Earth. "Shanti," she inquired. Shanti happily agreed. Afterward, she was asked by the instructor whether she could open her book and point toward Earth and the Sun inside the solar system. Shanti notified her right away that she hadn't taken the book to school with her after seeing it on her desk. She expressed her remorse for the blunder.

"Why?" the instructor inquired of Shanti. "What's going on?" Based on her Tuesday itinerary, Shanti said that she had not packed for a science lesson. Today is Wednesday, and yesterday was Tuesday. This is OK, Shanti. Please sit down, "Gita ma'am remarked. I've sketched these circles on the board, so have a look at them. What is the location of Earth in the solar system? Exactly where is the Sun?

"Hmmm. Shanti couldn't answer the question. Inquiring as to whether or not she'd forgotten what she'd learned in class, she was told no. In response, Shanti said she hadn't. She remembered this fact and nodded in agreement. Her confidence in her ability to utter it was shaken, though.

There was a sudden flurry of conversation in the classroom. Nirupama yanked Shanti's hand and said, "What are you talking about?" "Don't say anything." "Why do you say that, Shanti?" Gita, the ma'am, inquired of her student.

You can be sure I never make a mistake when it comes to putting my suitcase together, Madam. When I was just starting school, my mother left it with me. The only time this has happened is today, and it was only because I forgot what day it was. There isn't a single Tuesday or Wednesday to be found.

I can only rely on a calendar to inform me what day of the week it is if the days of the week cannot be seen. Earth, on the other hand, can't be seen because we're on it. She wondered if there must be a way to prove that the Earth is spinning around the sun.

Silence descended on all of them. How did India send more than 100 satellites into space recently? Asked her teacher. Shanti said, "Through a satellite launcher." Why then did you call it a success, Shanti?" Is it because of where they were meant to be placed? "Despite her reservations, Shanti answered.

As the instructor corrected her on the matter, she smiled broadly. Is this the most satellites ever launched into space? Not Shanti's response. "No ma'am," she said. There have never been any other instances of this happening before. "So, would they have been able to effectively place so many satellites around the Earth if they had previously been in space?" I answered. Gita Ma'am inquired.

Shanti nodded and said, "Yes, ma'am!" in a low voice. The message the instructor was attempting to get through was sinking in for her. "Can we agree that scientists have also done a decent job of finding out where the Earth and Sun are?" said Gita Ma'am in response to her question.

Yes, ma'am! Shanti repeated her response. To be successful in their mission, the scientists had to know exactly where the Sun, Earth, and other planets in this solar system were at all times when they launched the satellites into space.

She eventually replied to Shanti, "You see, Gita Ma'am." A great deal of work has already been accomplished. As a result, we can conduct even more successful space missions. There are areas of our solar system, in particular. Other scientists have established techniques that can be put to use in furthering the exploration and discovery of space and its marvels.

As a result, India was able to set a new world record for a satellite launch. Learning from those who have gone before us and put in the time and effort to perfect their craft is the best way to improve on what we already know. We mustn't isolate ourselves and start fantasizing about accomplishing everything on our own.

"Yes, Ma'am," Shanti said. "Madam, thank you very much!" The chime sounded. The lesson came to an end. For recess, Shanti and her classmates dashed outdoors to the school's athletic field. Gita Ma'am went to the staff room after leaving class. She recounted her conversation with Shanti to her coworkers. All the professors commended Gita Ma'am.

The history instructor congratulated her. "In your class, there's a standout performer in the field of science. I know you'll be very proud of her, too. " "You're welcome, sir." Gita Ma'am stated, "I hope you do well in History as well," I said.

The history instructor said, "So be it, Ma'am!" The future of our nation depends on the inquisitiveness of the next generation. A simple "yes" is all that is needed to answer the question. In the view of Gita too, ma'am.

During this time, Shanti silently returned to her classroom after leaving her sports lesson. She had drawn circles on the board, and she stood in front of them. She was unable to take her gaze away from them.

She had to go back and re-read her book on the locations of the stars. For her next assignment, she needed to know how a rocket was launched into space, so she dug deep into her science book for the answers.

Remember: Learning from others and mastering the finest that others have discovered is a positive thing. When in doubt, it's better to consult your instructor than to go through Google results. We aren't clever enough and don't have the time to know everything on our own. In addition, you'll always be able to get support from individuals who know what they're talking about. When in doubt, just say, "Ask."

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