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Legal Disclaimer for a Fiction: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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Because envy is the single sin you can't possibly enjoy, it's a particularly foolish one." None of this is enjoyable," he said. When Mr. Tripathi went to Bombay, he and his family relocated to Chembur. His colony's smallest flat on a side street was his first rental. His family consisted of him, his wife, his mother, and their kid, Rohan, but he was forced to share a tiny apartment with them all.

Mr. Tripathi couldn't afford a large residence after moving from Allahabad to a major metropolis. He began going to work every day when he got settled in. In his new colony, Rohan was only thirteen years old when he enrolled in White Spring School. He made a lot of friends in school, and every afternoon after school, they would all gather at his home to play. Mrs.

While they were playing, Tripathi would bring them hot and cold refreshments and beverages. The boys would be playing when Mr. Tripathi got home from work. Only Rohan's mother had the authority to instruct the boys to return home and return the next day.

His integrity was undeniable. He quickly rose through the ranks in his company because of his dedication and hard work. The family soon chose to move to a larger home. A new addition to the family necessitated the addition of more living space. After moving into a new home, he invited all of his neighbors over for a celebration.

A feast that went on till the wee hours of the morning was held to honor Mrs. and Mr. Tripathi's achievements. Afterward, they all returned to their homes, exhausted but delighted with the food and beverages they had received. Mrs. Gulati questioned Mrs. Sharma on the way home, "Did you notice the new couch Mrs. Tripathi purchased for her drawing-room?" Wasn't it nice and cozy? It's so deep that you may drown in it. "

Mrs. Sharma agreed, saying, "Yes, I was appreciating it as well." "It had a silky feel to it." For our house, I'll buy one too.

There was no sign of Mr. Sharma's presence throughout this time. When he and his wife reached the end of their street, they turned around to say their goodbyes to everyone. "Where will we acquire the money to purchase a couch like that?" he finally asked his wife after a while. When you told Mrs. Gulati what you said, why did you say it? He became enraged and snapped his fingers.

Why aren't we able to obtain one? "Mrs. Sharma said. You'll also be given a raise. After that, we'll be able to move into the vacant cottage on the corner. My drawing room will be much larger in that home, and I want to furnish it accordingly.

Mr. Sharma pondered, "What will we do with a larger house?" "Mr. Tripathi has a family, and he's expecting a second kid." When we have a larger family, we can come up with a better idea. Okay? Dinner was wonderful, wasn't it?

Mrs. Sharma, on the other hand, was not focused on her meal. This is the first time I've ever heard of Mrs. Tripathi looking for extra room for her family. "Rajeev, you're so innocent at times. She wanted to show us her new couch, kitchen, and sari, so she contacted us. I bet you didn't see her jewelry. These people aren't merely moving into a new residence.

What's going on now? Mr. Sharma reacted angrily to the situation. When it came time to shut down the home, Mrs. Sharma muttered something under her breath. As soon as Mr. Sharma closed his ears, he went to sleep.

Months have passed. The velvet couch had slipped Mrs. Sharma's mind. As she was preparing dinner for the evening, her son, Harsh, rushed into the house. Mummy, Rohan has bought the little home just across the block from where you live! Upon his uncle Tripathi's return, Rohan received word from his aunt. Mummy, they showed us around the home. It's huge! Mummy, Rohan's room is enormous. The same is true for me.

Mrs. Sharma made an instant phone call to Mrs. Gulati. As soon as they acquired the home, they began making fun of Mrs. Tripathi for showing it off. The ladies of Mrs. Tripathi's new neighborhood quickly congregated in her new house. Gulati and Sharma were also there. They complimented the home and inquired as to what furnishings Mrs. Tripathi would place in the living room.

There was joy in Mrs. Tripathi's voice. She was all smiles as she told them about her intentions. In response to her boasts about the new furniture she had purchased and the new television set she was planning to purchase, Mrs. Sharma and Mrs. Gulati swooned and praised her. Afterward, they returned to Mrs. Sharma's house.

Mrs. Gulati remarked, "Just wait until I give Mr. Gulati this news." "He'll be envious as all get out," she says. As far back as I can remember, he's had his eye on this home. " Mrs. Sharma said, "Oh?" Mrs. Tripathi now possesses the item.

I said, "This isn't Mrs. Tripathi's home." Mrs. Gulati snapped, "Mr. Tripathi purchased it." "Do you ever wonder where Mr. Tripathi gets all of his money?" There must not be much money in his promotions, right? "That's what she said,”

As Mrs. Gulati spoke, Harsh was paying attention. He snuck out of the room as the two ladies continued their argument over the home. At Rohan's house, he asked if he could meet him, and they went to a nearby store to buy lemon drinks.

Rohan was baffled as to why Harsh had been so mute. Every time he spoke, he said he was between 19 and 12. That's what Rohan wanted him to say. To cheer him up, Harsh murmured some words and then casually bid him farewell.

He returned to his father's house and found him watching television. 'Why did Tripathi Uncle purchase a new home, Papa?'" He questioned his father, sitting next to him.

Because he needed it and had the money to purchase it, Harsh. Tripathi's firm had just received an award, and Tripathi was promoted as a result, he claimed. Tripathi's uncle, Papa, what did he do? “Harsh enquired.

Mr. Sharma said to his son, "He worked extremely hard and obtained for them a transaction that has earned a large profit for them." He squinted his eyes and frowned. He couldn't stand to think about the next question his kid could have for him. Maybe that's why he wasn't able to make as much money as he should have.

Harsh was pondering this. Tripathi's uncle's wealth isn't the only thing that will happen to me, Papa. Finally, he said with joy, "Then Mummy will be pleased."

His attention returned to the television. He seemed anxious. For the first time in his life, his kids and wife were discussing money, and he had no answers. He felt something was wrong, but he couldn't figure out how to convince his family not to be jealous of Mr. Tripathi's family.

To get them on board, maybe he might ask them whether they would want to live in their own home. Mr. Tripathi's. He sat there for a while, contemplating something. Harsh was pondering how much Tripathi's uncle would have spent on the home when he was in his room. He didn't know, so he figured he'd go to Rohan and find out. But questioning him made him uneasy. He was baffled as to why.

Mrs. Tripathi was muttering under her breath as she finished cleaning the home about how her tableware had begun to show its age. She longed for the brand-new set of dishes and utensils she'd seen in the store. She had no idea why she was enraged. That night, everyone in the Sharma family couldn't get a good night's sleep. They had no idea why.

Remember: Make sure you keep in mind the one thing that holds for you if you're reading this narrative. In addition, you can read. In addition, you are probably in excellent health and have enough food to consume. Consider the fact that millions of young people go to bed hungry every night because they don't have anything to eat.

There are also millions of people who can't read as you can. There are also millions of young people who are in poor health, which is a major problem. As a result, instead of feeling resentful because you lack what your buddy has—such as a new outfit or an expensive video game—focus on being grateful for what you do have. Be thankful for what you have, for there are innumerable others who don't even have a sliver of what you possess.

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