Fiction: The Wicked Monkey Story. “Inspiring Kids Story.”

Malek Sherif

Legal Disclaimer for a Fiction: This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
The Wicked Monkey Story “Inspiring Kids Stories.”Klubboks/pexels

We have three new bunny buddies for Ashley the Rabbit! Sophie, Josh, and Tom are their names. She and Sophie are playing in the backyard of Sophie's home right now.

Today is a rainy day, isn't it? Sophie wants to know. She's joking about the time Ashley slipped into a pond at the park while playing in the sand. Ashley beams as she admits, "Yes, I am dry today." Thanks for helping me get out of the water. I appreciate it.

At the rear of the yard, behind a large tree, Sophie and Ashley are sitting. Plop! The tree lets something fall to the ground. Ashley is perplexed. "What was that?" Sophie's response is, "I don't know."

Plop! Plop! It's happened twice already! "Look at this!" Sophie exclaims. Sophie gets closer and closer to Ashley. Sophie seems to be pointing towards something in the distance. It catches Ashley's eye. It's a piece of banana skin!

They scan the ground as if to see whether something is out there. Two additional banana peels were discovered. Plop! Another banana peel has appeared. Sophie's head gets hit by it this time. Yuk!

Ashley and Sophie think they hear laughter. What do they see as they raise their eyes to the canopy above? This thing looks like a monkey. A very mischievous monkey. You know who I am: Baba, the monkey!

Hey, you up there! " Sophie yells towards the ceiling. "What am I doing?" he exclaims. When it comes to Baba, he chuckles. Plop! A third banana peel falls to the ground. On Ashley's head this time!

Not happy: Sophie and Ashley. This monkey is a bit of a jerk. Just why does he keep dumping banana peels on the floor? They don't understand why he is throwing banana peels at them.

Ashley tells Ashley to come down right now. The answer is yes, Sophie responds. To get this issue under control, "you must assist us." That's not Baba's reaction. He's now swaying from one branch to the next.

He's missing a limb. When he hits the ground, he loses his footing. Plop! A banana peel is not at this moment. This time, it's a monkey that's acting up. He hasn't made a move. What a pity! No, he's OK.

Sophie and Ashley are on edge because of the fright they feel. The banana peels have not gone down well with them. It's just that nobody wants Baba harmed. They rush over to check on Baba. On his back, he rests. They're all staring at him from a distance.

Jumping up and down with laughter, he takes off running in all directions. At this point, he is in no danger. Pretending to be wounded was all he was doing. He leaps, cartwheels, and somersaults his way through the air.

Sophie and Ashley get a good chuckle from Baba. I like him, but I don't like him all that much because of his antics. I am "Baba" and I am running around like crazy. Sophie introduces herself as "Sophie" and "Ashley" to the group.

Baba joins Sophie and Ashley on their adventures. As a result, they're unable to catch him. They follow him as he circles the tree. The banana peel isn't there when he glances back.

When he trips on a banana peel, Baba has a mishap. His feet dangle precariously in mid-air. Plop! Again, he is on his back. Sophie and Ashley are perched atop Baba this time. He's frozen in place.

You have no justification for being so close to me. "Baba!" yells the crowd. My time is up. Let me out of here! If you don't answer a question, we'll have to keep you here. Ashley claims Sophie says so. the weird habit of dropping banana peels.

Baba chuckles and says, "I don't know." What do I do with the banana peels after I eat them? It's not good, however, says Sophie. There are no banana peels in our garden because we don't want them.

Baba agrees with you. I'm sorry. It is my responsibility to clean up after myself. " Consequently, Baba begins to gather banana peels. Sophie and Ashley provide a hand to Baba because of the abundance of banana peels.

The garden is now spotless. "Thank you for your aid in picking up banana peels," Sophie says. Let's eat something. What would you want to eat today? " For dessert, choose a banana split, which Baba recommends.

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