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We would love to introduce you to our camera gear we travel with and at the same time answer all those questions we get about how we take our couple photos without another photographer? What camera do we use? And how do we edit our photos?


Our camera we use for travel couple photos is Canon 80D.

It’s a perfect size, easy to travel with and it takes photos of wonderful quality!

If you want to start taking better photos this camera is the best compromise between professional cameras for an affordable price, yet easy to use and carry with you everywhere.

We have 4 lenses for our Canon ☟

  • Our main Lens 16-35mm

This is a wide-angle lens and we use it for almost every photo!

  • Zoom lens 55-250mm

Currently my favorite and most used lens. It creates an amazing bokeh effect and brings the background closer to the camera. As well, this is the perfect lens for photos of Matty surfing or wild animals, if they are a little bit too far away. The 55-250 mm will bring them closer!:)


  • General lens 18-55mm

This is the basic kit lens your camera will probably come with. You can zoom a little bit, it´s wider and easy to use.

  • Portrait lens 50mm

With a portrait lens, you can do those beautiful photos when the background is blurry and the object close to the camera is perfectly sharp.


The next most important part of our camera gear is our Drone.

We have DJI Mavic Pro and I personally can’t imagine anymore being without a drone. Not only it takes beautiful pictures and videos - but! There have been so many occasions already when our drone showed us things we would have never be able to see and wouldn’t even know it exists!


All those breathtaking videos of whales jumping out of the water almost a kilometer from the beach! Or hundreds of turtles swimming in the ocean in one place. We know it’s a kind of a big investment but we can promise you won’t regret it!

Our camera gear for underwater photos and videos is GoPro Hero 8.

As someone who spends most of the time in the ocean, GoPro is a MUST for us. To be able to show you all the underwater beauty and all these shots where we don’t want to risk taking our Canon, GoPro is the go! It’s waterproof, it’s tiny and it does the job.


For over/under photos in the water we use GoPro Dome.

Dome is an awesome way how to take those half underwater half above water shots! You can create stunning photos and videos and you will have so much fun!


Our phones

And of course, we need to mention our iPhones. The way how we can keep in touch with our families, how we can connect with you guys, and how we can share everything we see and do to the online world. Especially we love our iPhones XR with a big screen and amazing lenses.

Editing program

Adobe Light Room CC is the program for your phone – for FREE or your desktop – paid, where we edit ALL of our photos. If you want to step up your photography game, look into this program.

Camera Accessories

Our secret of how we take the couple photos is a tripod. We don’t have a third person traveling with us or taking pictures for us. We have a tripod we always rely on and we are taking our pictures by ourselves. So if you don’t want to keep asking strangers to take a photo of you and risk that you will end up with pictures of you without your legs or unfocused photo, grab one of those.

We put out tripod through ocean, sand, mud and it never complains.


Just choose your composition, focusing points, and set your camera on self-timer. We usually set the camera to take one photo every 1-2 seconds.


To be able to travel full time and to write articles, edit photos and videos on the way as we go, we need a fast and reliable computer. Lenovo XPS 13 is our best option. It’s fast, light, and works well with Light Room and video editor Premiere Pro.

Hard drive

A big hard drive to store and back up all of our photos, content, and client's work is a must. We have quite a couple of those as photos and videos in RAW quality takes up a lot of space.

Power bank

Travelers MUST HAVE is a power bank. Taking pictures, using GPS to navigate, all of this usually drains our phone batteries pretty quickly. So to be able to recharge our phones during the day on the go is essential for us. And if you choose a good power bank, you will be able to charge even your GoPro camera.


Spare battery

We have three batteries for our Canon camera, 3 batteries for our drone, and 3 for our GoPro. This way we don’t need to stress out when we don’t get a chance to charge our camera every day.

Memory card

Make sure you will pack a few of these with you as well! Nowadays cameras are taking high-quality photos which means those photos are taking a lot of space on your memory card and you won’t be able to fit as many as you may be used to fit. That´s why we have 4 memory cards and if our camera unexpectedly says to us it’s full, we always have spared one to keep continue taking pictures and videos!

Camera bag

As you can see, there are a lot of gear and camera accessories we need to pack with us.

To keep our camera gear safe and all the equipment together it’s important to choose a good quality, comfortable camera bag. Our tip is to buy a waterproof bag so all of your gear is safe even if sudden rain starts or when you are near a waterfall!

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