I Highly Condemn Inhumanity

Mahnoor Chaudhry

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As I am growing older, day by day I observe people more deeply. I observe people think superficially. Their judgments, vision, and perception are always based on superficial things. I am not saying all is wrong and I am right. I am just talking about the fact that we as humans are not worth being human. While humans are said to be the best creation of God. But humans forget they can be best based on their deeds, actions, kindness, and morals, not on their status and inhuman behaviours.

Yes, today I feel a need to write on it, and to use my voice because voice matters. My inner voice urged me to talk about it because I am not a supporter of inhumanity, brutality, and immorality. And also because I can not be a hypocrite. Yes, I highly condemn all evil crops up in this society.

If we have a glimpse of history, it is filled with heart-wrenching incidences. Inhuman behaviours are not practiced in a particular region or era. We can see it all around the world since the first day of this universe. It does not belong to any religion, caste, colour, or gender. Inhuman people have their separate community, they don’t belong to any religion. As we can see, murders, robberies, injustice, and other cruel acts are practiced all over the world regardless of any nation or religious discrimination. Thus, my voice is also against inhumanity, not against any religion, caste, or nation.

A number of children were murdered in Peshawar Army Public School on 16 December in Pakistan. A Shia community was murdered brutally in Hazara, Pakistan. A Srilankan employee was murdered brutally in Sialkot because of a religious conflict in 2021. In the past few years, there were also evidence presents of a group who kidnapped children, murder them, remove their kidney and throw them in the garbage like trash. Women are brutally treated in the entire world. Sometimes they are murdered in the name of so-called honour, sometimes for rejecting a gay. Their rights are snatched by devils who exist in the form of man.

In India, many muslims are killed based on religious conflicts. In Pakistan, minorities are not safe. A Christian girl was forced to marry an old man in Pakistan (Evidence: ARY Digital news channel). The same things are practiced in European countries as well. It might be less in practice, but, unfortunately, no place in the world is free from illiteracy, corruption, and brutality. Morally sick people can be seen everywhere in the world. Fraud, robberies, injustice is experienced by all who don’t have good financial status. Because nowhere in world justice is served hundred percent. In underdeveloped countries, police and the court could be bought easily.

What does it mean? Do only those have the right to live who can buy the laws, rules, policies, or anything? What’s about minorities and poor people? What’s about children, older populations, women, and men who are weak? People are busy flattering higher authorities and financially strong parties. Nobody cares about those who are sufferers. Everyone is behind materialism and fake glamourous life. Their feels for humanity is dead. They don’t realize that materialism is a superficial thing; while the thing that makes you human is humanity, kindness, and good moral values.

None can be a better human by wearing brands or getting degrees from luxurious universities. No religion is better than humanity. Let’s keep humanity alive within us. Let’s stop chasing fake, superficial, and materialistic things. And let’s be fair in every matter regardless of our personal links, choices, or benefits.

© Mahnoor Chaudhry, 2021.

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