Spirituality is like the light that makes vision possible

Mahnoor Chaudhry

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Spirituality is a concept that may differ in some aspects from region to region or person to person. But the core of spirituality remains the same. Basically, spirituality is the broad notion of a belief in something beyond the self. It may involve religious beliefs focusing on the faith in a higher power, but it can also include a holistic belief in an individual association with others and to the world as a whole.

Spirituality allows a person to deep dive into the worldview that will reveal the truth. There are many hidden realities of life than just what we know. Spirituality is like the light that allows a person to think beyond the normal level. It is a belief which suggests that there is something greater that connects all beings to each other and to the universe itself. It also proposes that there is continued existence after death and strives to answer questions about the meaning of life, how people are connected, truths about the universe, and other mysteries of human existence.

The person who finds out the light of spirituality, dive into it. Spirituality becomes a way to recognize himself and the other universal facts. It can be described as religious beliefs or activities, but there is no stamped definition of it. However, spirituality provides a person with comfort and relief from the stress of a multitude of people. While people from different religions have different ways to discover God or to present their spirituality. This is also believed that those who are stronger spiritual and use their spirituality to cope with provocations in life experience many perks to their health and well-being.

However, spirituality is not a particular route or faith system. There are countless ways to experience spirituality and the privileges of a spiritual experience. For some people, this might mean the belief in a higher power or a specific religious practice. Meanwhile, for others, it may involve enduring a feeling of connection to a more powerful state or a feeling of inter-connectedness with the rest of humankind and the world.

People find spirituality in their own ways, not all spiritual people encounter or express spirituality in the same way. Some people may inquire about spiritual experiences in every aspect of their lives, while others may be more likely to have these feelings under distinct conditions or in specific situations.

While particular spiritual beliefs are a matter of faith, many spiritual people showed some benefits of spirituality and spiritual activity. But they are definitely noteworthy in that they show scientifically that these activities have benefits for many people.

People who feel comfortable and comforted using spirituality as a coping mechanism for anxiety can rest assured that there’s even more significant that this is a good idea for them. Prayer works for young and old alike. It has linked prayer and spirituality to better health, greater psychological well-being, less depression, hypertension, stress, even during difficult times, more positive feelings, and superior ability to handle stress.
Spirituality can enrich your life and lead to several benefits, but it is important to be cautious to not let spiritual ideals lead to pitfalls such as dogmatism or a reason to ignore the needs of others.

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