Show-off is not Important

Mahnoor Chaudhry
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Don’t showcase your happiness, success, achievement to people.

As we know, people share their success stories, statutes, achievements, and happy relationships status on social media and in real life. Do you ever think why they do so? There might be several reasons. But the two main reasons are: First, they want to show how they are better than you and another reason is they want to share their happy moment with others to celebrate it together. There are two types of people by nature. The first category shows, how much self-obsessed they are. The second category includes pure people who want to share their happiness with others(they sharing is actually not to show off).

In both cases, I will suggest you “don’t do this”. Why I am saying this? Because if people who share their status, achievements to let down others, and to show other people that they are superior to them. Believe me, they are the poorest and smallest people in the universe. Because their mind is stuck in materialistic things. They don’t have a vision. Their materialistic mind is not capable of thinking good for others. Unfortunately, it’s hard to change their psyche because it’s rooted in their personality. However, most of the people who lie in this category don’t consider others’ advice as an option. But some people can be addressed by educating them if they are doing showcase their stuff unconsciously, without knowing the underlying fact. I will suggest those people that don’t do this. It’s leaving a bad impression of you instead of winning others's hearts. People only judge you based on your mental level. They don’t care how rich you are. They only know how poor you are in your vision.
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Second category: People who share their happy moments with others are innocent. They want to celebrate their happiness with people. They don’t have any bad intentions, neither they want to showcase their achievements or happiness. But they are unfamiliar with the fact that everyone is not their well-wisher. Some became happy by your happiness but some are good at pretending. You don’t know who is jealous and unhappy inside with your happiness. Envy is human nature and the evil eye is a fact. Therefore, take responsibility to keep your happiness long-lasting. If you want that you never lose your happiness, try to protect it from evil eyes.
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The purpose of this article was only to share the fact. Its purpose was to let people know that showing off is not a necessity. It can be harmful in both situations, as I mentioned above. I am not saying that hide yourself enough that nobody can find you. I am saying, share your happiness carefully or try to keep it personal as much as you can (this implies the second situation). I always try to be aware, help, lift or educate people with my articles. Here, my purpose is again the same.

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