Women are Backbone of Nation Building

Mahnoor Chaudhry

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The national building is a multidimensional term, involving the entire nation at all levels. For the past few decades, remarkable social and political awareness has been awakened, particularly in women. There is a visible urge in them to strive for a better life. They are also keen to contribute towards the development of their nation and country. With the growing economic pressure, the income of a single member is not enough to feed all family members. Women are, therefore, keen to find means of adding to their family income.

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They want to improve the standard of living and ensure a better future for the children. For this, the women of our country are making their way into the national stream of progress. Women are working as teachers, professors, doctors, and engineers. We see them as a specialist in various medical fields. Talented women are working efficiently in TV and Radio as program organisers, producers, artists, writers, newscasters, announcers, and comperes. In the field of journalism, women are contributing to the national development as editors, correspondents, reporters, features, and column writers.

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Many young girls are working in banks, businesses, insurance companies, and in textile mills. Women have also come forward as social workers. In the field of law, women are working as lawyers and judges in courts. Some energetic young girls have also joined the police force. We have had women, politicians, as Prime Minister, Education Minister and also as head of the various institutions of the education department.

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The rural woman has always worked with her male member in the fields. She shares the work of man on an equal level. She works from dawn to dusk at home and in the fields. For the development of the country, women have to be encouraged to participate and work more in the progress and prosperity of the nation.

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Generally, it is considered that a growth of a country depends on its economy, While wise believe, the real way to measure the achievement is to find out how successful its women are. This is a fact that without raising, empowering, and appreciating women, not any nation can be best or successful. Unfortunately, women are not receiving the rewards of their hardworking, efforts, sacrifices, and sincerity. Without raising our women, we are nothing. Women are our backbone and strength. So, we should empower by providing opportunities and safe environments to contribute their part in nation-building equally and nicely.

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