I Learn Something New through the Process of Painting

Mahnoor Chaudhry

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What I am about to write is probably very obvious to all of you because if you are my constant reader, you might have an idea about my stories and interests. Most people choose art as their hobby or profession because they enjoy it. I am not a professional artist, but I choose art as my passion. Since my childhood, I make my bounds with drawing, painting, sketching, and other creative things. Perhaps it was not a conscious decision to link me with paintings. However, somewhere deep inside my heart, I was informed that I crave to create paintings. I realize, playing with colours, stroking on canvas, to create something new brings happiness to me.

During the period of my education, I couldn’t own my passion. Because my passion and profession were different. However, I love my profession (being a doctor) as well. After completion of my degree, I started painting again. And I decide to own it. I decide to manage my profession and passions (writing, painting, readings, and many more) altogether.

A few days back, I was working on a portrait painting. I noticed something different through the process. A little curiosity takes its place. It makes me think about how we can set ourselves up for more progress in our art in ways that may not occur to us.

At the start, I was not decided which type of portrait I am going to create. Because I don’t use reference pictures sometimes, neither I make a draft inside my mind. I mean to say that I prefer to create my own imaginations instead of picking reference pictures from the internet or elsewhere. But it is challenging to create a portrait following no reference picture when you are not a professional artist. However, I decide, I will make a girl portrait,  whatever the final product will be , only it should be defined.

I just pick my art material and start creating something with no idea what will be the final product, but with the motto that it should be clear and defined. For the first couple of days, I was very concerned to build a perfect portrait. So, I work hard to build the first layers accurately making sure all symmetries are correct, then brushing the skin and taking care that all the values are correct… It was challenging to work and all the time I was asking whether I was doing it best.

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I build all primary layers of the portrait, and I was happy that I did it well. Now, it was time to create a second layer, then third, and so on. When I reach the end portion of my paint and start adding details to the portrait, I catch a thought that we can make progress in our goals if we are very concerned about them from the first step. If you have done the first step accurately, you can move to the second step smoothly. But if we are stuck at the first point, we couldn’t move to the next.

I never mean to say that if you are failed once, you shouldn’t try again. No, I didn’t say this. I am saying if you will build the roots of your goal perfectly, you will achieve your goal without crumbling. The first step toward any of your work tasks, goal, or activity should be well-drafted. Because it will clear your way to the next step as well as it will give you direction to move in.

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